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Tuesday , 17 September 2019
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Floor Grinding Machine HSP-650

Model: Floor Grinding Machine HSP-650 Specifications:Feature ValueOperating width 650mmHP 10HP, 3 PhaseVoltage 415VCurrent 15A/phaseMotor speed 100-1500rpmPad driver 250mm×3Tools per Plate 3 PcsWater tank 30ltWeight 250kg Features: It has a three phase 10Hp motor & frequency control drive and aluminum alloy ... Read More »

Concrete Floor Grinder Machine HSG-500

Model: Concrete Floor Grinder Machine HSG-500 Specifications:Feature – ValueWorking Width – 480x480mmMotor – 10HP, 3 PhaseVoltage – 415VCurrent – 15A/PhaseSpeed – 100-1500rpmPad Driver – 280mmx4Water Tank – 30ltWeight – 240kg Features: Four heads and strong gear drive has phenomenal grinding ... Read More »

New Ride-On Sweeper

With the new KM 125/130 R, Kärcher is offering a technologically high quality sweeper in the 125cm class with high user-friendliness and efficient operations. Compared with its predecessor, the machine unites a number of features employed in smaller machines. For ... Read More »

Crying Onions

‘Oh, No!’ That was a silent shock exclaimed by Drain Doctor, as he paddled through a pool of drain water inside the cafeteria of a large IT company. This explained the urgency in the call that the Drain Doctor received ... Read More »

Convenient Trolleys & Vacumms

Charnock Equipments Pvt. Ltd has introduced trolley for the hotel industry. The Nukeeper NKL 17 Guestroom service trolleys are a flagship product of Charnock. These trolleys are made of a patented material called structofoam, which make these trolleys unbreakable. The ... Read More »

Vacuum Cleaner

The PPT 390 is an innovative dry vacuum cleaner designed for cleaning applications inside a hotel room. The vacuum cleaner is a dual speed machine and can be switched between 1200/600Watts, it has an auto-save energy technology making it energy ... Read More »

Concentrated Fragrances and ingredients

Tanishka Products’ MicroFresh 10XT Concentrated Fragrances and ingredients give fresh smell to laundry after wash and dry stage. Fragrance gets released when fabric is fully dry and with friction caused while in use. Heat stable for upto 180 degrees. Gives ... Read More »

Walk behind scrubber driers Model: CT 30

IP Cleaning India Pvt. Ltd has a range of cleaning equipment for the hospitality industry   Features: Solution distribution from brush center. Solution control (Solenoid Valve). Brush control with soft start. CFS (Center Flow System). Great maneuverability thanks to an ... Read More »

Walk behind scrubber driers Model: CT 40

IP Cleaning India Pvt. Ltd has a range of cleaning equipment for the hospitality industry Features: Solution distribution from brush center. CWS (constant weight system). Exclusive squeegee system assures high performance at low cost. Great maneuverability thanks to an optimum ... Read More »

Nanotechnological solution for laundry

Jaksmart is an innovative and world patented nanotechnological solution from Jakbrillo, a company from Ichalkaranji, Maharashtra. The product is used for ‘healthy value addition’ to the existing day-today market products with unique attributes like health safe, non-toxic, long durability, eco-friendly ... Read More »

Mopping & Sweeping Scooter

Soma Specialities Pvt. Ltd has launched a very unique and innovative dry mopping & sweeping scooter CT-3900 for dry mopping of large indoor areas. The scooter is extremely easy to use and its ergonomic design provides great operator comfort. This ... Read More »

Rhino series of Sweepers

Roots Multiclean Ltd supplies a series of Rhino Sweepers ideal for various applications RootsSweep RD 160 Features Ideal for harsh environments with larger capacity hopper and an efficient filtering system Maximum Cleaning productivity with a wide sweeping path Robustly build ... Read More »

Sealy’s Innovative Mattress

Sealy India, originally from Texas, is catering to the hospitality industry, with innovative mattress. Some of the proprietary technology features include the PostureTech ‘Sense & Respond’ Coil, ‘Triple Offset’ Design, UniCased Construction and Patented Edge Guard. PostureTech ‘Sense & Respond’ ... Read More »

Diamond Polishing Pads

ABRALUX diamond pads are the latest launch for floor maintenance professionals through a marketing collaboration between Soma Specialities Pvt Ltd, India and Diafil, Italy. The Abralux pads are used to grind, clean, maintain and polish all types of floors in ... Read More »

Scrubbing, Shampooing, Polishing Machines

The CYCLON SUPER-4 from Soma Specialities Pvt. Ltd. is a 4-speed single disc scrubbing machine which makes it a unique and versatile machine for all applications relating to floor maintenance jobs, floor restoration of marble & granite and carpet shampooing ... Read More »

Multi Steam Vac Machine

IP Cleaning India Pvt. Ltd has introduced New Steamy which combines steam cleaning and detergent spraying functions. New Steamy is enabled with multiple cleaning systems — clean with steam only, water only, steam and water, and steam and detergent. To ... Read More »

The washroom has just imagined more!

A design revolution has come to the washroom! Cannon Hygiene has launched its new washroom range – Imagine. The range, designed by a leading Portuguese design company, took its inspiration from the triangle in Cannon Hygiene’s logo. It follows a ... Read More »

Manual Soap Dispenser

Ecolabel approved fragrances, dye free formulation and Green Seal approval. Actively eliminates 99% of germs. Battery lasts for three years meaning less impact on the environment. Choice of foam soap Standard Anti-bacterial Push rather than pull operation reduces the risk ... Read More »

Toilet Seat Sanitizer

Reduces risk of cross contamination from bacteria that live and breed on toilet seats Quick drying solution means the seat can be used immediately Can also be used on WC flush handle and door handles, giving the user extra reassurance ... Read More »

Shake & Wake Dispenser

Regular, measured dose of surfactant/disinfectant introduced into the system daily versus manual cleaning product once or twice a day Cleaning of surfaces (including underneath the rim of the toilet bowl) and additional benefit of drain maintenance, especially with urinals Product ... Read More »