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Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coatings are quickly becoming the most popular option for vehicle owners who look for the best paint protection to their vehicles. Ceramic coatings can also be called nano-coatings since the ceramic coating bonds together with the automobile’s paint job ... Read More »

Tracing Growth Auto Wash Systems

How did the auto car wash system evolve? What are the first models that were manufactured at your end? The early commercial car wash industry started with normal washing with soap and water. When the idea caught on, as nobody ... Read More »

Maruti Suzuki Dry Wash System

The two-bucket soap wash conventional systems of keeping cars clean is still considered convenient, in spite of the fact that water is fast becoming a scarce commodity. Interestingly, many have opted for single bucket wash system where a diluted soap ... Read More »

Retaining The Shine

But even if you do want to become a trailblazer in the industry, you still have to understand the ins and outs of the market. Caring for cars is not a matter of filling a bucket with soapy water and ... Read More »

Car Care Expo

A niche show, with select exhibitors offering complete solutions, saw some of the leading automobile companies, garages, auto showrooms, petrol pump owners, malls, builders and townships as visitors sourcing systems and solutions. The expo showcased solutions for the smallest of ... Read More »

Auto car wash system: ideal for fuel stations

What are the changes you are witnessing in the vehicle-care segment? In the last few years our country has noticed a drastic change in the automobile sector. People are able to afford cars easily with bank loans and the number ... Read More »

Maintaining Leather In Cars

There are many steps to the finished product of any leather product, including those used in cars. Corrected grain leather is considered to be at the lowest end of finished leathers. It has been “corrected” through artificially, creating uniformed texture ... Read More »

Unique Wash & Wax Technology

What are the various car protection products needed in a typical car care programme? Typically, any car or bike care product range is divided into two categories – exterior care and interior care. Exterior care products include tyre cleaners, glass ... Read More »

Understanding Car Detailing

The demand for car wash and car detailing could be best understand with the process and products that go into making a car clean. Detailing begins with the correct cleaning agents used for removing dirt and grime on and below ... Read More »

Vehicle Underbody washing system

Final year Mechanical Engineering students of Don Bosco College of Engineering, Fatorda, Goa, Abhijit Dessai, Dheeraj Naik, Mukesh Naik, Pratish Naik and Volney Travasso have successfully developed and tested a prototype of a “Washing System for the Underbody of the ... Read More »

Start up Business Plan

In the article “Creating a Successful Startup Business Plan,” featured on the Lincoln Journal Star’s website (and published in www., author Catherine Conlan shares information on how new businesses can thrive with well-written business plans. A good plan will ... Read More »

Car wash facilities at fuel stations

In India, the fuel stations are rather static. Some stations are now being tweaked to serve as recreational centres. In a recent development, one of the country’s largest oil companies, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd (BPCL), has successfully turned its nineacre ... Read More »

Car Care as a profitable business model

The niche car care sector is developing from garage and repair shops to wellequipped and managed car wash service hubs. Alongside the Clean India Technology Week 2016, Clean India Journal organized an engaging open forum discussion on “Car Care as ... Read More »

Car Care Cleaning Equipment & Solutions

THE TREND is picking up in both formats i.e. dedicated carwash/car care service centres/ chains and as a support shop of dealerships. The market prospects booms on the strong vehicle presence on the road with over 200 million registered vehicles ... Read More »

Making Car Wash Expressive

It is a common sight in most garages to be greeted with scattered hoses, puddles of water, oily floors, exhausted operators… But, in today’s race against time, a common car owner prefers a quick wash at a garage and frequents ... Read More »

Dürr Sets New Benchmarks

In the new Ford Motor Company factory at the Sanand location, paint and final assembly systems major, Dürr sets new standards of modern painting line for the Indian market in terms of paint finish quality as well as eco-efficiency. Established ... Read More »