Tuesday , 7 July 2020
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No assurance of insurance

Despite the government’s best intentions to provide the poor and the underserved with health insurance, out-of-pocket expenditure on hospital bills and medicines remains one of the top reasons for pushing a family into debt. In this personal account, a practising ... Read More »

Wastewater Recycling Way out of Water Scarcity

Niti Aayog’s “Composite Water Management Index (CWMI)” Report indicates that (i) 600 million Indians experience high to extreme water stress (ii) 75% households do not have access to drinking water on premises, while 84% of rural households do not have ... Read More »

Turning old buses into clean toilets for women

Ill-maintained public toilets are a menace, and more so for women. Even in urgent situations, many prefer to refrain from entering the stinking, filthy spaces which promise nothing but overflowing lavatories. However, Ulka Sadalkar and Rajeev Kher, who are entrepreneurs ... Read More »

Air-conditioning & Health

The problems associated with air-conditioners (ACs) arise out of overuse. Studies have consistently shown that the people exposed to ACs are more susceptible to health ailments. Research shows that people who work in over air-conditioned offices may experience chronic headaches ... Read More »

Cost cutting and its impact on cleaning

The economic crisis has forced corporates to curb costs, including its spend on cleaning. Reducing the frequency of cleaning, cutting manpower and using inferior cleaning products are few measures that they usually adopt. Cleaning is considered as more of a ... Read More »

Nothing more to CLEAN?

In spite of the recent Swachh Bharat Mission achievement figures, the fact remains that India tops the global list of Open Defecation with 58% of the entire population practising the same, an issue which the government is committed to eradicate ... Read More »

Touching Lives, Spreading Hygiene

NO MATTER, how small it is, but an initiative that generates employment; emboldens skill development, teaches children the necessity of hygiene in daily lives and recycles waste is convincing enough to bring the change at ground. The idea of recycling ... Read More »

Countdown Begins…

There is just one month left before the curtains go up on the Asia’s much awaited Clean India Technology Week 2016, comprising five Trade Exhibitions, Awards, Competition and Conference. covering area of 1.2 lakh sqft, about 200 exhibitors from over ... Read More »

The Making of a Clean City Model

THE IDEA of ‘Clean City’ germinated in 2007, when the ‘Garbage Crisis’ hit Kochi. CREDAI Kochi joined hands with Jose Joseph to set up a committed team with adequate funds to develop a robust waste management plan. The ecofriendly waste ... Read More »

Yes, Eco-friendly can be Luxurious too!

On a subject as large as “sustainability” people find it easier to give up or think that it is the government or companies that need to do something. However, the fact is that as part of the ecosystem, all of ... Read More »

The Educational Push!

“Cleanliness promotes better health. You have a responsibility to keep your homes, surroundings and city clean.” These words often ring in our ears, and left uncared and unnoticed later. They often end up as futile words. For instance, If this ... Read More »

Swachh-Grih to Swachhaagrah

The entire country is getting galvanized, but the real challenge lies in converting people’s mindset from Swachhagrih to Swachhagrah,” comments Padma Vibhushan Dr. Raghunath Anant Mashelkar, Eminent Scientist, during an interaction with Suprita Anupam. I am chairing a 19-member expert ... Read More »

Educating Tribal Communities

Lack of education and awareness among the communities in the backward regions and in remote localities of the nation has been pushing them towards impoverished life. They are engulfed with superstitions and different socio-religious taboos; have poor awareness about cleanliness, ... Read More »

Creating Cleanliness

Changing the face of Indian Tourism Himanshu Jain, MD-Indian Subcontinent, Sealed Air shares his views on how better cleanliness & hygiene offerings at tourism spots can change the Indian tourism Industry… Incredible India! The tagline of our Indian Tourism… Yes, ... Read More »

IWM Plan for Clean India

Recent initiatives by the central government lead by none other than PM Narendra Modi brought the issue of cleanliness into the drawing rooms and dinner table discussions of Indian middle class and created a euphoria for electronic, print and social ... Read More »