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Monday , 20 May 2019
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Tennant in India: Growing demand, Rising success

What are the unique solutions you are offering and to which industries? Tennant is a technology-driven company and offers various innovative solutions which empowers customers to have clean, green and safer environment. Proprietary Ec-H2O NanoCleanTM electrically converts water into an ... Read More »

Smart cleaning with intelligent robots

As innovations in cleaning reach new heights, equipment manufacturers have ventured to the most advanced cleaning in systems using robots. Dr Ilham Kadri, President, Diversey Care – VP and Officer, SealedAir in an exclusive interview with Mohana M speaks on ... Read More »

Principles & Practises in Mall Management

The Express Avenue mall in Royapettah, Chennai is an e-hotel spread over an expansive 10 acres of land replete with a high rise on 1.75 million sqft with shopping, food and entertainment spaces. Hygiene and safety are at the core ... Read More »

Heavy Metals Threat

  E-Waste or WEEE (Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment), as it is termed by the MoEF (Ministry of Environment and Forests), is the fastest growing and one of the most hazardous forms of solid waste. India generates about 2.7 million ... Read More »

BOOT System of Laundry Operations

In recent years, some of the government bodies are sincerely adopting / considering to adopt BOT/BOOT systems which enhance quality, reduce cost and speed up the process, hence are being counted as one of the best ways of optimization and ... Read More »

Different countries, Differing solutions

Be it an emerging market or a mature market, cleaning machines have to be modelled as per the requirement and demand. However, IPC is making them on a technological modular platform. Excerpt of a discussion… Industrial cleaning machines are no ... Read More »

Anaerobic WTE Plant for Community Development

IN GERMANY, 860 “community development WTE plants” were operational in 2006. In our country, the numbers should have been more but it is actually very few. While the Prime Minister has envisaged the installation of Community WTE plants as part ... Read More »

Car Care Cleaning Equipment & Solutions

THE TREND is picking up in both formats i.e. dedicated carwash/car care service centres/ chains and as a support shop of dealerships. The market prospects booms on the strong vehicle presence on the road with over 200 million registered vehicles ... Read More »

Electrolux Seminar Making Profitable Business Model

THE BUSINESS meet was part of a series of session conducted by Electrolux in various cities. Speaking with Clean India Journal, Christelle Querry, Global Segment Manager, Coin-Operated & Multi-Housing- Electrolux Professional, explained how to ensure lifecycle costs of laundry machines. ... Read More »

Professionalising the Localised Business

Foraying into Indian Market The idea took-off at a time when the Indian economy was still developing and finding a highly professional laundry service then was not easy. We purchased the all India rights in 2007, a well thought out ... Read More »

Kibble Enterprises Housekeeping Tools

HOUSEKEEPING IN hotel premises is an uphill task and Kibble Enterprises is working closely with its valued customers with an integrated supply of smart manual cleaning systems to earn a reputation for high product quality, quick response, and professional approach. ... Read More »

Chembond-Calvatis Solutions for India

WITH AN encouraging growth rate of 7%, which is not seen in other countries, especially in the food processing and beverage segments, India is different and “it holds a lot of prospects for us in the future. This is the ... Read More »

‘Customer is the King’

Making a difference Tarini Hygiene, which has a pan-India distributor network, caters to industries’ needs across different market segments. It also undertakes complete project supplies for hotels, airports, hospitals and industries and also manufactures essential oils, which are used in ... Read More »

UV Disinfection

Ultraviolet technology is chemical free, broadly similar to how sunlight is a natural disinfectant. About 90% of all new wastewater treatment plants in more progressive countries use UV technology for disinfection. Further, it is safe and mostly automated, requiring very ... Read More »

Cleaning Made Easy

Change of Perception There is a total change in the perception on how cleaning should be carried out and how consistent cleaning can be achieved efficiently. We have taken initiatives to develop mechanized solution for the cleaning of automobile reducing ... Read More »

Chemical-free Termination

What is Heat Treatment all about? How is it better than other pest control options? Is it expensive? It is first important to understand how the pest control methods work to understand heat treatment, a chemical-free method of controlling pests. ... Read More »