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Thursday , 9 April 2020
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Tennant-IPC Growth Plans for Indian market

In a seismic shift in the cleaning industry, Tony Chazhoor, MD of IPC Cleaning India has been given the additional charge of heading the Tennant in India. Chazhoor will also work on a 2021 growth plan for India, which will ... Read More »

A “Relationship Company”

RR Prasad, Chief Operating Officer at Forbes Professional, Eureka Forbes Ltd says that building direct customer relationships and providing total cleaning solutions have helped Eureka Forbes remain successful, even in a competitive market Eureka Forbes now wants to be known ... Read More »

Suction Systems in Pharma Production

Despite high responsibility, cost and competitive pressure are also increasing in pharmaceutical production, such that it comes down to the finest details. In the literal sense, dust particles may well be one of the smallest details that occur during production ... Read More »

Daga Finmark Creating ‘Indian Standard’ Cleaning Products

The market today is filled with cleaning products that meet international standards. However, the Indian demand is unique and specific. “We are now expanding with our indigenously manufactured Indian Standard products that meets Indian requirement beyond international customisation,” says Director ... Read More »

Zoono India Launching Innovative Hygiene Solutions

India, primarily being a tropical country, with high density, heat and humidity promote spread of viruses and bacteria. Zoono has introduced an innovative product, tailor made for India. It is a water-based surface coating solution which kills bacteria & viruses ... Read More »

Three-bucket Mop Wringer Trolley

The three-bucket mop wringer trolley helps wring out the wet mop without much of an effort with the hand. The first bucket contains water with detergent in which the mop is first dipped. The mop is then rinsed in the ... Read More »

High-Rise Painting How to find the right Contractor?

Is High Rise Painting challenging? Yes. High rise painting projects are challenging for painting companies because of their unique yet demanding requirements. The sheer height of some high-rise painting projects can make them logistically difficult. Unlike maintaining smaller buildings, painting ... Read More »

Facilitating High Standards in Hospitality

Consolidation We have partnered with Ming Fai Group, an internationally known enterprise, that delivers quality and trusted five-star solutions to its global clients. We are mainly focussed on personal care amenities for the hospitality industry with a well-planned production space. ... Read More »

Dirty Ceilings: Clean before it becomes a problem

Since you are probably never up in the rafters, you don’t notice the accumulation of debris until it starts falling into your machinery and stored products. In food and beverage plants, this can result in a failed inspection. In manufacturing, ... Read More »

Innovating Continuously

Necessity of innovation in the cleaning market: We are making a lot of investments in product innovations in IPC in all the categories. We have also put in good amount of work to improve the productivity and economics. Models CT ... Read More »

Housekeeping Chemicals Making the right choice

Savings through the right use of chemicals with specific reference to certain target segments, offices, etc. Housekeeping is a science for a cleaner environment. We have always been asking a simple question to Facility Management Services, housemen, house women etc. ... Read More »

Indian Diversity & the Cleaning Industry

The diversity in India is unique. The country’s markets come in a bewildering assortment of sizes and development stages, and its customers hail from a multitude of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Their tastes and preferences evolve constantly. The speed and ... Read More »

Rope Access – The Smart Option

Does your industrial chimney, plant tower, tall structure needs maintenance? Are you wondering whether one, scaffolding or rope access, will be the best solution in terms of budget & time? Rope Access would be the smart answer. The Rope Access ... Read More »

Kibble Enterprises Looking at European Markets

Kibble has come a long way since its inception. What is the story behind the success? Manifestation. Kibble was established as a small trading unit in 2004 with minimum resources, limited client base and a dream to serve the world ... Read More »

Pulizia: Trendsetter in Hygiene & Cleaning

Pulizia with its trademark brand named “RENSLIGHET” is a rapidly growing company into hygiene and cleaning chemical solution. Based out of Mumbai (India), Pulizia is known for innovative & revolutionary industrial and household hygiene & cleaning chemical solution. We have ... Read More »

Hygiene Matters

How do you look at expanding into the Indian market with the Zenith- Pulizia tie up? Our plan for expansion in the Indian market involves working in partnership with Pulizia to source additional strategic partners who have a successful existing ... Read More »

Synergy of technologies for WTE

What inspired you to enter the waste business? I have been into the chemical manufacturing in the past and can understand the harm done to the environment, knowingly or unknowingly. I always wanted to repay the debt and thus, got ... Read More »