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Managing Energy Savings

Does anyone have any thoughts on using human behaviour modification to reduce energy waste in the work environment & offices? Or should workers not be concerned with energy reduction issues at work? – Mitch Stein, Sales & Business Development Manager ... Read More »

Managing BMW

Biomedical waste is waste that is generated during diagnosis, treatment or immunization of human beings. In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the need for safe management of biomedical waste for effective health service delivery. Hospital-Associated Infections ... Read More »

Developing benchmarking goals

Setting benchmark in facility management does not come easy. To understand today’s benchmarking it is essential to know the impact of automation on the art and science of benchmarking for facility professionals – a way to reduce operating expenses and ... Read More »

Hard Floor Maintenance

What are hard floors? What is the criterion for the maintenance of these floors and how to select right method for hard floor maintenance? These are some of the questions Deepak Baluja, Managing Director, Final Technologies Pvt Ltd, company that ... Read More »

Is building maintenance the same as FM?

Often, terms like facility management, facility services, building service, building maintenance and even housekeeping services are used as synonyms even though the profile and operations of each differ both in terms of volume and delivery. An interesting discussion on how ... Read More »

Facilities Management in India

The Facilities Management (FM) market in India has strong and direct correlation with the construction sector’s growth. Due to massive scale of the construction market and largely available geographic space, FM market revenues in India are higher than other nations such as Singapore that are smaller in geography. But, compared to rest of the world and some developed countries, the Indian FM market is still at a nascent stage. In terms of market maturity, understanding, and acceptance of such services by end users, India still has a long way to go. Read More »