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Remote Monitoring Solutions

Remote monitoring can be considered “killer app” of the Internet of Things. The Service Council recently surveyed their members (service organizations) with IoT implementations, where they reported an average of 41% reduction in “service truck rolls”, an 11% increase in ... Read More »

Empowering Housekeepers

As the world moves towards digitization and instant information becomes the key to running a successful establishment, Housekeeping too looks out for a tool that would furnish real time data to Housekeepers so that the all-important decisions do not get ... Read More »

The Silent Revolution

How the “Internet of Things” is changing the cleaning industry? The only constant in life is change. This is something we experience personally and individually as we pass through the different stages of our lives. These are usually small changes ... Read More »

Monsoon Measures

Monsoon Measures

Housekeeping takes a beating mostly during rains, as even a flexible and dynamic cleaning schedule makes achieving 100% result a challenge. Managing flexible and demanding housekeeping schedules get tricky in high traffic and sensitive areas. Wet floors, damp indoors and ... Read More »

Selecting Service Providers Big Vs Small

There is an increasing trend in the West with clients looking towards customer-focused, smaller FM companies due to “disappointing under- delivery” from the larger players in the market. Service providers share their thoughts over a LinkedIn discussion. Excerpts: Steven Belcher, ... Read More »

KPMG Report Global REFM Outsourcing

“KPMG LLP (KPMG) has released its 2014 edition of the global Real Estate and Facilities Management (REFM) outsourcing Pulse survey. It provides insights into trends and projections in end-user organizations’ usage of Global Business Services (GBS), or shared services, outsourcing, ... Read More »

Integrated Workplace Management Systems

The profession of Facility Management (FM) and Real Estate Management (RE) has evolved rapidly in the last two decades. The increasing need for cost efficiency, business flexibility and transparency is challenging today’s FM and RE managers. This is where Integrated ... Read More »

Latest Trends in Fabric Cleaning

Laundry is becoming a more sustainable practice, thanks to a variety of innovations in the process and associated products. Detergents are playing their part in reducing the environmental impact of each and every laundry cycle. New formulations, coupled with dedicated ... Read More »

Self-service Laundry

With self-control features such as leak detection and power saving mode, Alliance Laundry’s Speed Queen stands up to almost all kinds of commercial laundry challenges. Speed Queen has an established reputation for reliability in numerous existing self-service laundry businesses around ... Read More »

Outsourcing Challenges

FM companies’ assurances to provide Total Facility Management may appear a tall claim. The disparity in business development team’s earnestness in sealing a contract and operational team’s delivery capacity often leads to disputes and immature breakup between the service provider ... Read More »

Technology & Training for Sustainability

Nothing sends a stronger message than cleanliness in the hospitality industry. No level of service, friendliness or glamour can equal the ‘feel good’ experience a guest gets upon entering a spotless, tidy and conveniently arranged room. With 27 years of ... Read More »

Sustainable Textile Care

The article summarises the benefits of using Xeros bead cleaning technology when applied to textile care. Along with the results for cleaning performance, and the impact of beads on fabric lifetime, the low environmental impact of using beads versus water ... Read More »

Facing Challenges

Facilities managers face many challenges considering the multitude of distinctive elements they must bring together during a typical day. Diligence and flexibility in handling every scenario not only define their success, but that of the entire company as well. Tiffany ... Read More »

The Dynamics of FM

By 2020, India’s urbanization investment requirement is of $1 trillion,” reports McKinsey Global Institute. Hence, it is high time for India’s Facility Managers to get ready and equipped for managing complex buildings and related infrastructure in sustainable and “smart” ways. ... Read More »

Adding Fragrance to Cleanliness

Today’s discerning traveller seeks homely comfort and a feeling of being associated during his or her stay in a hotel. The simplest way to add comfort to a guest’s stay is to present an ambience with pleasant and familiar aroma.  ... Read More »

Young Turk:ReNewing the Existing FM

“Tech-enabled service and right expertise are the two most important parameters in Facility Services that help get the optimum results,” avers Tushant Rathod, MD-Renew Solutions & Services. Facility service is a low margin business with high risk quotient. What really ... Read More »

Amul Dairy:Quality comes with right Cleaning Solutions

“Right chemicals are available in the market, but are costly and offered by only a few brands that are not available everywhere. The need-of-the-hour is developing cost effective solutions with equal focus on quality and then making it available everywhere,” ... Read More »