Thursday , 28 May 2020
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Driving Value from Cost

Importance of FM One thing which comes to everyone’s mind while talking about facility management is that it is one of the functions supporting the core business. It is an arm which helps the organisation to do its business well. ... Read More »

Indoor Air Quality: Wellness of Employees

There is no doubt that our built environment has a profound impact on our health, well-being, happiness and productivity. It can shape our habits and choices, regulate our sleep-wake cycle, drive us toward healthy and unhealthy choices, and passively influence ... Read More »

Future trends in Future Cities

Today a lot of people have the perception that facility management doesn’t go beyond cleaning services. But that is not the case. The focus has shifted from just the management of resources. Facility management services include five tiers and are ... Read More »

Success Stories

Housekeeping, cleaning or facility services, though considered a “common job”, is one of the most challenging among the many challenging jobs, be it for a man or a woman. However, when it comes to women, the perspectives and equations get ... Read More »

On the right track

What motivated you to build up a laundry business? Many business ideas germinate at one’s own home. My wife’s irritability with the domestic help’s bad laundry job, I decided to look for a viable solution. Thereafter, I spent time researching ... Read More »

Creating a Mobile Workforce

Thirty years ago, it was somewhat of a fantasy that businesses would one day migrate toward a “paperless office.” Much has changed since then. Technology has evolved in ways that have completely altered the manner in which people work today. ... Read More »

Technology-driven facelift a must

We call cabs, order food, groceries; buy clothes, accessories and a lot more using functional applications or mobile apps. With the internet of things being more and more a reality, technology also enables us to work in a more flexible ... Read More »

Specialized Engineering Services by FM managers

A sustainable building is an efficient resource for any company; and managers make sustainability a goal and take proactive steps toward it to ensure consistent processes and procedures, results are monitored and compliance audits performed. The Energy Conservation Building Code ... Read More »

Strategies for developing FM talent for the future

Replacing the top person in a facilities organization is one aspect of a broader challenge facing many facility management departments: the need to attract, develop, and ultimately replace experienced employees at all levels, from a hands-on technician or mechanic to ... Read More »

Expectations – CLIENTS:SERVICE Providers

The customer expects the service provider (SP) to have the knowledge and experience of the industry. They are expected to bring in benchmarks and solutions to the peculiar problems faced by individual customers. The baseline of expectations remains on the ... Read More »

Inspiring Attire, Elevated Designs

Uniforms, be it in a corporate house, manufacturing facility or for that matter a hotel, give a distinct and instant identity to the profession and the nature of the job a person is engaged in. “What is designed has to ... Read More »

Centralising Facility Management

Challenges The core challenges are obvious and we all know how imperfect things can be. For multi-sites, they are plentiful. 1. Every building has unique requirements leading to different levels of automation control2. Budgets are limited and resources are few3. ... Read More »

Expanding Role of Finance In Hospitality

Is the role of finance changing in the hospitality set up? What are these changes? The role of finance in hospitality has become more integrated and enhanced, encompassing various other responsibilities and factors other than purely financial operations. We need ... Read More »

Tackling Challenges, Increasing ROI

Diverse forms of alternate workplaces are opted by different companies to suit their needs. A few are as under… Smart offices defining different shifts for staff to share desks and office space Replacing traditional private offices with open-plan space Switching ... Read More »

Outsourcing Gaining in Gulf Retail Structure

RFM is a lucrative, niche industry within the much larger facilities maintenance industry. RFM differs from other segments of the industry because it focuses on maintaining and managing retail stores, distribution centres, outlets, lifestyle centres, malls and standalone stores. RFM ... Read More »

Focus on skilled manpower

The facility services segment is dynamic in nature with different levels of service providers sharing the same space. Despite odds, the projection for India shows exponential growth in the coming years for the service segment in India. Vijayalakshmi Sridhar compiles ... Read More »

Textile loss & replacement

TRSA conducted Executive Roundtables with representatives of textile service operations to identify opportunities to better meet customers’ needs for clean textile products and related services. It was concluded that the end users must be educated about how the industry measure ... Read More »