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Expectations – CLIENTS:SERVICE Providers

The customer expects the service provider (SP) to have the knowledge and experience of the industry. They are expected to bring in benchmarks and solutions to the peculiar problems faced by individual customers. The baseline of expectations remains on the ... Read More »

Inspiring Attire, Elevated Designs

Uniforms, be it in a corporate house, manufacturing facility or for that matter a hotel, give a distinct and instant identity to the profession and the nature of the job a person is engaged in. “What is designed has to ... Read More »

Centralising Facility Management

Challenges The core challenges are obvious and we all know how imperfect things can be. For multi-sites, they are plentiful. 1. Every building has unique requirements leading to different levels of automation control2. Budgets are limited and resources are few3. ... Read More »

Expanding Role of Finance In Hospitality

Is the role of finance changing in the hospitality set up? What are these changes? The role of finance in hospitality has become more integrated and enhanced, encompassing various other responsibilities and factors other than purely financial operations. We need ... Read More »

Tackling Challenges, Increasing ROI

Diverse forms of alternate workplaces are opted by different companies to suit their needs. A few are as under… Smart offices defining different shifts for staff to share desks and office space Replacing traditional private offices with open-plan space Switching ... Read More »

Outsourcing Gaining in Gulf Retail Structure

RFM is a lucrative, niche industry within the much larger facilities maintenance industry. RFM differs from other segments of the industry because it focuses on maintaining and managing retail stores, distribution centres, outlets, lifestyle centres, malls and standalone stores. RFM ... Read More »

Focus on skilled manpower

The facility services segment is dynamic in nature with different levels of service providers sharing the same space. Despite odds, the projection for India shows exponential growth in the coming years for the service segment in India. Vijayalakshmi Sridhar compiles ... Read More »

Textile loss & replacement

TRSA conducted Executive Roundtables with representatives of textile service operations to identify opportunities to better meet customers’ needs for clean textile products and related services. It was concluded that the end users must be educated about how the industry measure ... Read More »


Cleaning and maintenance is prime to any hotel property, as it not just impacts on the image but the very business foundation of the hotel. On an average, the staff intensive housekeeping department at any time in a hotel has ... Read More »

Managers Machines & Management

There are varied machines in different premises where laundry is being set up either out of necessity or as a business enterprise. However, the basics of machines and management remain the same in similar cases. When we take into account ... Read More »

Indian Railways Rolling Out Clean Linen

Be it ‘Palace on Wheels’ one of the costliest and best trains providing world class facilities or the ‘Garib Rath’, an Express with AC coaches at affordable prices, Indian Railways – the lifeline of Indian commuters – chugs ‘Up and ... Read More »

Pharma & Food Production Housekeeping & Hygiene Practices

The entire process of cleaning & hygiene practices begins with recognizing the areas susceptible to contamination and taking necessary steps to maintain them. The areas with high human intervention and exposure to outer environments are considered as high contamination areas. ... Read More »

Growing Opportunities for TFM in India

How well has the Indian Market adapted to TFM? TFM has been successful for OCS across countries, as it operates on a ‘one-team’ model and enables cross-skilling and multi-functional responsibilities down the service stream. It is certainly an advantage to ... Read More »

Growing Demand for Professional Home Cleaners

 IN TODAY’S world of well-travelled and well-heeled consumers, home is a window to one’s life. People are conscious of the impression, clean or unclean homes have on their guests and visitors. Moreover, professional expertise is required to treat costly interiors ... Read More »

Changing with Changing Times

The broadening spectrum of facility maintenance has redefined the business of the service segment, taking it from a mere manpower supplier to housekeeping services and security supplier to a total facility management service provider. “It is time for a change ... Read More »

Remote Monitoring Solutions

Remote monitoring can be considered “killer app” of the Internet of Things. The Service Council recently surveyed their members (service organizations) with IoT implementations, where they reported an average of 41% reduction in “service truck rolls”, an 11% increase in ... Read More »

Empowering Housekeepers

As the world moves towards digitization and instant information becomes the key to running a successful establishment, Housekeeping too looks out for a tool that would furnish real time data to Housekeepers so that the all-important decisions do not get ... Read More »

The Silent Revolution

How the “Internet of Things” is changing the cleaning industry? The only constant in life is change. This is something we experience personally and individually as we pass through the different stages of our lives. These are usually small changes ... Read More »

Monsoon Measures

Monsoon Measures

Housekeeping takes a beating mostly during rains, as even a flexible and dynamic cleaning schedule makes achieving 100% result a challenge. Managing flexible and demanding housekeeping schedules get tricky in high traffic and sensitive areas. Wet floors, damp indoors and ... Read More »