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Monday , 23 September 2019
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Convergence of leading cleaning professionals from across the world:Clean India Pulire

The single largest platform for the cleaning fraternity in India, Clean India Pulire 2013, in its 10th edition, will witness the convergence of leading cleaning professionals from across the world. In order to fertilize the business on par with International trade, this year will see three new pavilions, 40 new exhibitors, 30 new launches, new machines and solutions, new segment of visitors and the all-new Clean India Awards. Read More »

Clean India Awards:Nominees for the Technical Awards

“Clean India Journal is the only promoter and leader – bringing the crucial, healthy and specific information and awareness to the Indian Cleaning Industry through its magazines, seminars and shows. Clean India Awards is the next welcome step for our cleaning industry. It will help guide and promote the arguably best suitable cleaning equipment, tools, chemicals, new products and hygiene solutions in the industry.” Read More »

Indian Hospitality:The Shifting Equation

“The supply of ‘Margarita, The Benjamin’ with a composition of a special Cuvee of Grand Marnier… finished with Louis XIII Cognac… is limited, but the demand is getting up. Let’s have some tequila shots instead!” – were the words of a hospitality consultant explaining the shift towards the fertile markets of Tier II cities to keep up the demand. While the hospitality business is moving to Tier II cities to tap the growing demand, better connectivity & infrastructure, advent of MNCs and rising lifestyle of middle class in Tier II & III cities have opened new markets not only for hotel chain operators but also for the cleaning industry. Suprita Anupam explores… Read More »

Outsourcing Housekeeping in Hotels : Balancing the Act

Facility services in the recent past has turned complex with changing patterns of service deliverable be it in maintenance management, vendor management or worker management. The hospitality industry, one of the largest businesses with optimum service level requirements has retained housekeeping amid its core activities instead of outsourcing. In an exclusive group discussion organised by Clean India Journal, Executive Housekeepers & housekeeping experts discuss the changing trends in hospitality industry, the expanding role of housekeeping and the way forward. Read More »

Bridging the Gap…

FM and Hospitality, both these sectors are labour-oriented dealing with manpower shortage, rising labour cost, training cost & time and managing assets & service delivery, but the difference lies in their objectives. While an FM company aims at better service delivery as per the contract, the hospitality sector aims to upgrade its service deliverables. In the event of the rising opportunity for the FM company to take on the upgraded service deliverables in the hospitality sector, is it prepared to meet the revolutionary change? Suprita Anupam finds out Read More »

Understanding the Concept

Firstly to work within a hotel environment, FM providers will have to understand the concept of customer service and its effect on the overall hospitality environment. Too often, FM companies believe that there is a customer focussed business, but in ... Read More »

Crucial role of Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning agents play a critical role in any cleaning process. Their efficacy depends on the mechanical action along which they are used, the application, suitability of their composition for the required results and other parameters like temperature and time. There is a wide variety of chemicals available for professional cleaning in the market today. Clean India Journal looks at the different chemicals for different industrial applications to achieve cost effective, safe and sustainable cleaning solutions. Read More »

Customized stone care solutions

While talking about the cleaning and maintenance of natural and artificial stones like marble, granite, ceramic, gneiss, jura, porcelain, sandstone, etc., the first thing one should look at is the substrate and the pH compatibility as the stones are susceptible ... Read More »

Cleaning Solutions for Cooling Towers

Maintenance and water treatment are the most important factors determining the life and efficient operation of evaporated cooling equipment. Satol Chemicals through R&D has found that general problems of cooling tower equipment are water contamination, fungus formation, scale formation, water ... Read More »

Cost-Effective Cleaning Solution

AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry offers high performance surfactant blends for water based, solvent free degreasing. Each specialty degreaser blend in Surface Chemistry has specifically been designed to meet different formulators’ cleaning performance criteria. They are all readily biodegradable and are optimized ... Read More »

Industrial floor, washroom degreaser

Revachem, a Mumbai based manufacturer of cleaning chemicals,has added two more products for industrial cleaning. REVA HD2 is a heavy duty degreaser for industrial floor cleaning. It has effective degreasing properties which remove tough oil and grease from any surface ... Read More »

Solutions for oven cleaning

  Altret Performance Chemicals Gujarat Pvt Ltd, a Surat-based manufacturer of cleaning chemicals has specific solutions for kitchen surfaces and equipment like ovens and grills. Trends Ovarill is a high performance oven and grill cleaner formulated for removing grime and ... Read More »

Safe degreasers for shopfloors

Surfactants & Allied Chemicals Pvt.Ltd has come up with DEGREASOL and NEW SOLVEX IFC with particular surfactant formulations. Degreasol, a specially formulated product to meet the needs of workshops and plants, treats spillage of oil, resins, printing inks, slippery layers ... Read More »

Breath Easy Clean Indoor Air Matters

Why indoor air quality is important? Any suspended airborne particle between 1 to 100 microns can land into the lungs through the mouth or nose. Pollen, hair, bacteria, windblown dust, flyash, fine sand, silt, smoke, tobacco smoke, soot, metallurgical fumes, ... Read More »

INDOOR AIR QUALITY Now in your Control

We breathe 23000 times a day, so it is of prime importance that we breathe PureAir. Air Quality, both indoor and outdoor is the primary factor for acute respiratory infections. Globally, more than 1.5 million people die annually from respiratory ... Read More »

Measuring Indoor Air Quality

Concern about indoor air quality (IAQ) and the study of air quality issues is a fairly recent phenomenon. Some of the earliest documented studies occurred in Scandinavia in the mid-1960s and were focused primarily on thermal comfort issues. For the ... Read More »

More fresh air in classrooms means fewer absences

If you suspect that opening windows to let in fresh air might be good for you, a new study by scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has confirmed your hunch. Analyzing extensive data on ventilation rates collected, it was found ... Read More »