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Wednesday , 22 May 2019
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Delhi Metro

“The way commuters use the facilities, leaving the toilets dirty and napkins scattered around has to change! We only want the people to change their attitude, be cooperative and responsible. We will continue to clean as it is our responsibility.” ... Read More »

Kolkata Metro

“If we stand by environment, environment will stand by us to bring about an eco-friendly habitation. Clean environment certainly enhances our spirit for enthusiastic work and helps in overall happiness and good health for the people of this planet.” – ... Read More »

Bangalore Metro

“Since we are running truncated services it can be understood that we attribute a huge amount out of our revenue towards maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.” – BL Chavan, GM-Operations Cleanliness is not just keeping the metro coaches clean, it is ... Read More »

Mumbai Metro

“The uniform and automated washing of coaches provide our commuters a clean and hygienic travel experience and an eco-friendly system of washing saves time for a better frequency and maintenance which is vital for a controlled and modern transport system.” ... Read More »

Sweeping made Easy

Floor cleaning in industry serves several purposes, including preventing accidents from occurring, helping buildings, machines and fixtures and fittings to retain their value and improving a company’s overall image. The benefit of cleaning is counterbalanced with a corresponding financial outlay ... Read More »

Sweeping large surfaces efficiently

Low costs are the result of efficient cleaning processes, which in turn require appropriate equipment. Targeted investments in advanced technology are therefore the key to economic efficiency. It is clear to see the extent to which technical innovation is gaining ... Read More »

Boon for FM

Road sweeping can be a huge and challenging task for any facility manager. It is very laborious, time consuming and involves a lot of difficult and harsh conditions to cope with. Road sweepers are a boon to plant administrators and ... Read More »

Sweeping in Heavy Industries

Industrial sweepers are categorized into Broom Sweepers and Vacuum Sweepers and are used categorically for different types of applications and debris. Broom Sweepers could be customized as per the dust type, content, etc. with different types of brushes and pick ... Read More »

Quality Cleaning for Automobiles

Due to high demand of two wheelers and four wheelers under stiff competitive environment, quality remains a major concern. Quality level within the production facility enhances image of the organization in front of the customer, employees and investors and cleaning ... Read More »

Sunbeam Facilities-Total Support Services

In today’s competitive scenario, organizations are geared to maximize returns while minimizing investments. It is from efficient productivity and the savings thereby accrued that gains are generated. Savings can either be direct or indirect in terms of time and effort ... Read More »

Challenges in implementation of FSSAI Regulations

A panel discussion organised by Clean India Journal during the 10th edition of Clean India Pulire 2013 focussed on the implementation of FSSAI rules and the challenges thereof. More than 20 representatives from restaurants, fast food joints and bakeries participated ... Read More »

Efficient Cleaning:Tools do the trick

In this era of technology simplifying various work processes, a thorough knowledge of the right kind of cleaning tools would help get the best results apart from reduction in cost of consumables and time. Clean India Journal discusses how cleaning ... Read More »

Different sectors, Varied requirements End-user Perspective

Since October 2005, Clean India Journal has been spreading awareness about scientific cleaning solutions required in different industries. All through the 99 issues, the magazine has covered more than 25 industrial segments, focusing on their cleaning requirements & solutions right ... Read More »

Convergence of leading cleaning professionals from across the world:Clean India Pulire

The single largest platform for the cleaning fraternity in India, Clean India Pulire 2013, in its 10th edition, will witness the convergence of leading cleaning professionals from across the world. In order to fertilize the business on par with International trade, this year will see three new pavilions, 40 new exhibitors, 30 new launches, new machines and solutions, new segment of visitors and the all-new Clean India Awards. Read More »

Clean India Awards:Nominees for the Technical Awards

“Clean India Journal is the only promoter and leader – bringing the crucial, healthy and specific information and awareness to the Indian Cleaning Industry through its magazines, seminars and shows. Clean India Awards is the next welcome step for our cleaning industry. It will help guide and promote the arguably best suitable cleaning equipment, tools, chemicals, new products and hygiene solutions in the industry.” Read More »

Indian Hospitality:The Shifting Equation

“The supply of ‘Margarita, The Benjamin’ with a composition of a special Cuvee of Grand Marnier… finished with Louis XIII Cognac… is limited, but the demand is getting up. Let’s have some tequila shots instead!” – were the words of a hospitality consultant explaining the shift towards the fertile markets of Tier II cities to keep up the demand. While the hospitality business is moving to Tier II cities to tap the growing demand, better connectivity & infrastructure, advent of MNCs and rising lifestyle of middle class in Tier II & III cities have opened new markets not only for hotel chain operators but also for the cleaning industry. Suprita Anupam explores… Read More »

Outsourcing Housekeeping in Hotels : Balancing the Act

Facility services in the recent past has turned complex with changing patterns of service deliverable be it in maintenance management, vendor management or worker management. The hospitality industry, one of the largest businesses with optimum service level requirements has retained housekeeping amid its core activities instead of outsourcing. In an exclusive group discussion organised by Clean India Journal, Executive Housekeepers & housekeeping experts discuss the changing trends in hospitality industry, the expanding role of housekeeping and the way forward. Read More »