Thursday , 23 March 2017
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Investing in Food Safety


In India, the food sector has emerged as a high-growth and high-profit sector due to its immense potential for value addition, particularly within the food processing industry. Currently valued at US$ 39.71 billion, it is expected to grow at a ... Read More »

FACILITY MANAGEMENT – The Transition in Outsourcing


Transferring processes to an external service provider is complex, as it involves transitioning the entire maintenance operations and requires due diligence in matters pertaining to documentation, planning, defining of roles, communication flow, evaluation process, knowledge transfer and other processes. ‘Having ... Read More »

Cleaning Industry Trends


The cleaning industry is buoyant, as the country in the changed scenario is adopting cleaning with open arms. The demand for cleaning products seems to be from coming any quarter rather than just the traditional segments as experienced previously. Some ... Read More »



INTERNATIONAL HOUSEKEEPER SUMMIT 2016 organised by CLEAN INDIA JOURNAL UNVEILING THE POWER OF HOUSEKEEPING More than 200 delegates from top hotels First time-ever Seven countries participate Asian Housekeepers’ Association launched Next Gen housekeepers felicitated Lifetime Achievement Award presented First-ever Fashion ... Read More »



The importance of Hospitality services lies in the fact that the overall impression created by any hotel is based to a large extent upon the perception about its cleanliness. The Housekeeping Department determines whether guests are comfortable during their stay ... Read More »

Critical Cleaning


Cleaning specification, no doubt, is bound and defined in parity with the application, location and organization. However, it turns critical when it is outcome-oriented, especially in the pharma segment, requiring cleaning validation during preparation, processing and post production stages. Clean ... Read More »

Emerging Mega Food Parks in India


India is on the fast track as the Government embarks on the various developmental programmes including Smart cities and industrial & connectivity infrastructure. Figuring among the projects for industries is the creation of Mega Food Parks. With five of the ... Read More »

Understanding Chemicals in Surface Cleaning


Commonly in India, housekeepers identify cleaning chemicals for various applications either through their brand or the code number on the bottle. This has been a convenient approach, as it is easy to remember and there is less scope of an ... Read More »

Rising Confidence in Cleaning


AS RIGHTLY pointed out by Kiran Mazumdar Shaw during her interaction with Clean India Journal, “We have to be in a firefighting mode”; the Government at the helm has set the tone from “should” factor of cleaning to the “must” ... Read More »

Clean City: Smart City


The opportunity for Smart Cities in India can be pegged at $50 billion for global investors. While more than 15 countries and 30 organisations across the world have already collaborated for the mega project, the objective of Smart Cities Mission ... Read More »

Clean City is the Top Priority


Interestingly most citizen feedback and wishlist for smart cities is about making their city clean! So Swachh Bharat Mission is an integral part of smart cities. In the proposed smart cities plan, sanitation is indeed the top priority and garbage ... Read More »

Smart Technologies


WHEN THE Government of India announced the Smart Cities Mission in May, 2015, besides it being based upon Strategic Area Development, one of the important aspects has been to develop a “Functional City” with basic infrastructure in place. Solid waste ... Read More »

Developing ISWM for Smart Cities


Waste generation will increase with growing population and economic development. Improperly managed solid waste pose a high risk to human health and the environment. Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM) is a comprehensive mix of waste recycling, treatment with scientific disposal ... Read More »

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