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Thursday , 9 April 2020
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Curbing contamination at Maharaja Agrasen hospital

Ensuring bacteria & bug-free linen, ‘Electrolux Professional’ works closely with healthcare professionals to develop best-in-class hygienic laundry solutions and to deliver equipment that is most ergonomic, efficient and easy to use. Innovations are more-often directly inspired by their needs and ... Read More »

Cleaner Infrastructure for better growth

Forbes Pro- Clean Technology Solutions has aptly defined Cleaning as a science and like “cleaning consultants,” Forbes Pro has provided Health & Hygiene solutions to all the infrastructural segments. The Public Transport Revolution -Metro Rail Transforming itself into a lifeline ... Read More »

Waterless Urinal Program in India

The Need As a leading company in cleaning segment, we know the consequences of global warming, which are having significant and harmful impacts on our environment and climate, leading us towards water crisis. According to an estimate done by the ... Read More »

Removing old & stubborn water marks

In a flagship property of a reputed Indian hotel chain, Buzil Rossari team was confronted with a challenge – to remove old and stubborn hard water stains from bathroom fittings and glass. The products in use were giving partial solution, ... Read More »

Effective Cleaning with Microfibre

When microfibre technology was introduced in the international market, it became successful instantly because of its cleaning efficiency. Due to its benchmark acceptance, the manufactures were keen to explore the Indian market. “Our international partners sent us a few samples ... Read More »

Dust-free textile manufacturing units

In textile mills, collection of cotton plop spillages and dust which settle on shopfloor machines is a big challenge to remove. Nilfisk Advance’s CFM brings the much awaited solution. The fine fibrous particles of cotton plops that are airborne and generated ... Read More »

Case Study Biogas Methane Plant at Pepsico Pune

The food processing industry, in general, generates excessive amount of waste. Food waste, in many cases, ends up in landfill sites or gets dumped in vacant grounds. This bio-degradable is also being used effectively to produce bio-fuels and the Pepsico ... Read More »