Saturday , 4 July 2020
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Why do we forget to wash hands after using a Washroom?

Prashant Sule, Consultant & Expert in Cleaning & Hygiene Solutions; Blogger; Writer; Culinary Enthusiast and Host   Bacteria generation and growth in the toilets/washrooms has always been and will always be a concern. Hence, washing hands after using the washroom ... Read More »

Reopening laundries, reorganising paradigms

Pratibha Vanambathina, Managing Partner, LaundrySpa Dry Cleaning Services   Let me be frank with you. All laundry business owners fear that after the lockdown is over, they won’t be able to bounce back to the previous level of sales.   ... Read More »

Lessons learnt and yet learning

Dr Dhruv Mamtora, Consultant Clinical Microbiologist and Infection Control officer S. L. Raheja – Fortis associate Hospital The rapidly rising demand for cleaning products, personal protective equipment (PPE) and hand sanitizers, not only in the healthcare sector but in the ... Read More »

Mobile App in Hospitality:
Pro or a Con

From Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Machine Learning algorithms, technology is revolutionizing every aspect of business today, significantly increasing efficiency and productivity. Specifically in the hospitality industry, consumers use technology to make dinner reservations, arrange travel accommodation and make payments. They ... Read More »

Let’s end plastic pollution together

When plastic broke onto the scene in 1907, it was revolutionary and quickly became a significant part of our day-to-day lives; altering everything from how we eat, shop or even travel. But, we collectively overlooked how damaging plastic is for ... Read More »

Why do we have to clean?

A seemingly foolish question with an obvious answer but nevertheless worth delving into. A quick look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, clearly indicates that as humans move upwards in the pyramid, the needs become directly related to materialism. Indeed humans ... Read More »