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Case Study Unclogging Urinals Effectively

Brazil-based Igua Control is the supplier for water treatment, equipment, air control and other segments’ products and services. One of its clients faced perennial problems with clogging in almost all its urinals. Every eight months, they had to manually open the urinals to unclog them.

The company were searching for a product that could remove bad odour, stop splash back but most importantly, unclog the urinals. Igua Control have a commitment to their customers that includes offering their customers cost effective, functional methods in the Industrial and Institutional markets without violating their five-pillar values; Preserve the environment and promote sustainable growth; maintain quality services with better cost; provide chemicals with proven efficiency; enable dosing automation and purges, among others; provide recognised analytical monitoring.

They were aware of problems with clogging in urinals from their clients, in particular one client, whose urinals needed manual unclogging, which came at a cost — both economically and through labour time.

Previously, regular urinal screens have been used, just to help keep the bad odours away. These provided no help or protection against urinal clogging. So, they decided to search for a solution that could not only help remove bad odours and splash back, but help reduce or prevent clogging in urinals — saving money and time not having to manually repair urinals.

Igua Control was especially drawn to the product due to its ability to last up to 60 days, helping with clogging through an active central core and also providing a fragranced ambience. This allowed them to save money and time on labour resources.

While there are three fragrances to choose from (in EMEA), the Company opted for the Clove & Cardamom (available in North & Latin America only) fragrance to help in mall washrooms. Spicy clove and cardamom entwine with an exotic cinnamon and wintergreen. This leads through to a twist of spearmint, jasmine and fresh eucalyptus leaves.

P-Screen® is the world’s first triple action urinal screen, says Excel International, the distributors for Vectair in India, offering 60 days splash back protection with a dual fragrance & enzyme protection (active central core).

The active central core in the P-Screen® urinal screen is not only designed to reduce bacteria, but also provides a secondary fragrance for urinal areas. The deep bubble & bristle design helps to provide optimal splash back protection and scent delivery with a large surface area.It also reduces organic scale build-up, ensuring that uric salt is made more soluble, broken down and made easier to flush away, helping to reduce urinal clogging.

P-Screen® is part of ‘The Professional Passive Programme™’, providing a harmony of fragrance through matching fragrances that are also found in the Airloop® Toilet Bowl Clip & Wee-Screen® 30 Day Urinal Screen.

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