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Case Study: Tackling washroom odour at source

From analysis of the problem to analysis of the solution, Organica Biotech Pvt Ltd showcases how its Washroom Odour Control Solutions resolved the persistent problem of washroom odour in a large healthcare facility.

The problem

A reputed 750-bedded multi-specialty hospital in western Mumbai was facing terrible washroom odour issues. Over three months, the housekeeping team tried multiple interventions like installation of fragrance diffusers, drain unclogging and chemical cleaning of drain lines. Eventually, none of these addressed the issue.

Their Admin team contacted the OB Care Professional team and asked for a solution. The latter inspected the washrooms and identified the principal cause for poor washroom ambience as reverse gases coming from the nahani trap and the urinal drain lines. This odour intensified with urine spills and inadequately treated STP water being used in the washroom flushes.

The product

The Washroom Odour Control Solutions are 100% nature-derived hygiene solutions to treat washroom odour at source. They are equipped with Molecular Sponge Technology™, a carefully designed blend of odour-neutralising plant-derived medicinal oils along with highly effective enzymes that act on odour molecules in two steps: adsorption & neutralisation. They also prevent the colonisation of odour causing germs.

The solution

The team recommended the following protocol:

Principal products:

OB Care Professional FlushFree™ Urinal Spray: To be sprayed every 2 hours on urinals and surrounding areas. It helps prevent the emanation of foul odour from urinal walls and drain lines.

OB Care Professional Urinal Drain Cleaner: To be used at the end of every day for one week, and then once every week. It breaks down uric acid deposits on the internal walls of pipelines.

Supporting products:

OB Care Professional Toilet Bowl Cleaner: To be used instead of a chemical-based toilet cleaner. It cleans efficiently, without causing micro-erosions on your toilet bowl and urinal surface unlike chemical cleaners, thus preventing the formation of safe havens for odour causing germs.

OB Care Professional Washroom Cleaner & Odour Eliminator: For cleaning of washroom floors and other sanitaryware. It provides a deep and thorough cleaning with its potent enzymatic blend, leaving your washroom floors with a sparkle and lasting shine.

Tests & Results

The team was given one washroom as a pilot and a time of 4 weeks to solve the problem. Within the first 4 days, there was a marked change in the washroom atmosphere, the severe problem of odour reduced and within 15 days, the washroom odour had been eliminated.

Since the pilot was successful, all the washrooms in the hospital started using OB Care Professional Washroom Odour Control Solutions.

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