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Case study: Servicing 1,000+ retail stores of a single client

Tirumala Rau K, CEO, KVR Best Property Management Pvt Ltd (KBPMPL) writes about his company’s partnership with one of the largest retail chains, spread across six states with 1000+ stores, covering more than 8+ million sq ft, with outlet size ranging from 1,500-1,00,000 sq ft.

Challenges of servicing multiple sites

Managing absenteeism or ad hoc leave requests is a time consuming and tiring activity.

Assigning and reassigning scattered manpower at various locations and making transportation and logistic arrangements at the right time is a Herculean task which supervisors and operations personnel perform on a daily basis.

Regular review of manpower requirements and meeting training schedules of new recruits is also a challenge; so is introducing new workers to the client-side team members. Generating multiple reports, keeping attrition under control, supplying consumables like material, chemicals, and mechanical equipment is an ongoing task.

Overcoming challenges

Facility managers in many companies face a common problem of being pressured to do more with less. To handle this, they must deal with budget limitations. We do this by using our skills in multitasking, coordinating teams, time management, crisis management, Quick Response Teams, continuous monitoring of the equipment and workers’ capabilities.

Establishing client relationships, identifying client needs and providing information and advice about products and services always helps.

We invest in technologies that cut down on cleaning time, thus using less energy, water and chemicals to clean. We eliminate or avoid cleaning agents with harsh chemicals to reduce environmental impact and maintain healthy indoor air quality, and use practices and equipment that cut back on noise pollution, which can impact the health of our own team.

Machines used are single disc scrubbers, sweepers, industrial vacuum cleaners, wet mopping machines, wet & dry vacuum cleaners, ride-on scrubber dryers, walk-behind scrubber dryers, high-pressure jet cleaners and steam cleaners.

If we have outlets within a 1-5 km radius, we rationalise the number of machines by utilising a single unit at more than one outlet according to a proper schedule.

High-traffic, low-traffic

When facing ongoing pressure to reduce operating costs, companies tend to look for savings without giving much thought to long-term repercussions. By sharing your thoughts and understanding the customer’s marketing and sales plans, you can pre-plan and make necessary arrangements to meet the rush hour manpower demand.

During clearance sales/ festival season, assets might be brought in or moved from other locations. We are well equipped with the latest technology to tag and track all assets across multiple locations. This ensures all customers have a pleasant and happy experience during the critical retail business season.

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