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Thursday , 2 April 2020
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Case Study: Raheja Corp’s Mindspace Minding its Waste

Water Recycling

Efficient use of water comprises an important part of any green building. Waste generated at Raheja’s commercial properties is sent to a sewerage treatment plant, which uses physical, chemical and biological processes to remove contaminants, making it environmentally safe. This purified water is then reused for flushing, gardening and in air-conditioners, reducing dependence on the municipal water supply by 20-30%.


Raheja Corp’s model waste management can and should be emulated by others. At other developers’ properties in Airoli (where there are Mindspace parks), it is the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation’s (NMMC) responsibility to collect and dispose of waste, and educate waste producers about the benefits of waste segregation. But recently, the tables were turned when the Raheja group invited officials of the NMMC to visit their Airoli campus, and observe the waste management facility and its processes. The municipal authorities were impressed with the self-contained waste recycling system, and wished to implement it across their area of jurisdiction.

A poet once wrote that man (and mankind) should leave behind footprints in the sands of time; but the way Mumbai is developing, we are leaving only trash on the sands of our beaches. Raheja Corp’s initiative to mitigate this outflow of garbage is commendable, and will go a long way in making Mumbai a business centre with an environmental conscience.

Scope and Vision K Raheja Corp is one of India’s leading real estate developers, with a sizeable part of its portfolio consisting of commercial spaces in the form of business parks. Early…

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