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Case study: Hostel and washroom housekeeping

Amit Salunke, CEO, Sumeet Facilities Ltd lays out the details of housekeeping equipment, manpower and procedures used at a prestigious client location.

The client: The National Institute of Bank Management (NIBM) is under the ownership of Reserve Bank of India, and is responsible for regulation and licensing of the banking profession in India. It is also a research, training and consultancy institute in banking and finance. Located in Pune, the campus is self-contained with residential and educational facilities. It is home to 20 faculty members and 240 students, and served by 16 housekeeping staff members.

Areas to be covered: VIP hostel (36 rooms, 21,000 square feet), Banker’s hostel (Four buildings, 96 rooms, 24,000 square feet) and MBA hostel (54 flats, 1,00,000 square feet).

Machines used: 4 single-disc machines, 2 wet and dry vacuum cleaners, 10 cold water high pressure jet cleaners, 2 hand push sweepers.

Washroom cleaning

Equipment and materials: Empty bucket, dustpan, check duster, floor cloth, toilet brush, plastic scrubber, bucket with water, round mop set, spray gun, room freshener, naphthalene, urinal screen, toilet roll, C/M fold paper and chemicals in required dilution.


  • Dusting of exhaust fan, ceiling light, ceiling, side wall etc.
  • Start with the remote corner and work towards the door
  • Scrub all urinals, WCs, taps, basins, doors, fittings. Wipe.
  • Scrub the floor with a scrubber or brush.
  • Pay special attention to the area around the washroom, behind the doors and in the corners
  • Top up adequate supply of toilet paper, C-fold paper, odonil, naphthalene balls and hand soap
  • Sweep and mop the floor; make sure to clean behind the toilet again.
  • Spray the room freshener all around the washroom.

Hostel cleaning

Equipment and materials: Sky broom, feather brush, soft broom, dust collector, dust collection bin, check cloth, dusting cloth, wet mop set, bucket with fresh water, one spray pump with room freshener, one squeegee and washer, one yellow cloth, one glass cloth, one spray pump with window shine, plastic scrubber, green scrubber, patti blade and chemicals in required dilution.


  • Cleaning of cobwebs with sky broom
  • Dusting of AC unit and lights by feather brush
  • Dusting of skirtings, windows, door, cupboard, table, chairs, white board and all other furniture with dry check cloth, and switches, computers and electronic equipment with yellow cloth.
  • Wiping of all cupboards and table top, chairs legs, wooden door, windows etc with wet check cloth dipped in water mixed with chemical, followed by wiping with dry check cloth.
  • Cleaning of glass with glass cleaning kit with Window Shine chemical. Any spot to be cleaned with diluted dettol or by thinner.
  • Sweeping of floor by soft broom. From second round, only Easy mop to be used for the same.
  • Check spots/ stains in all areas of the floor and clean accordingly by using scraper/ thinner/water or whatever is applicable for the particular spot/stain.
  • Wet mopping with disinfectant along with perfuming of cabins.
  • Pay special attention to the area under the table and cupboards on the floor, behind the doors and in the corners and edges of the wall.
  • Usage of machines as required
  • From second round, cleaning of floor will start after completing the first round by using Easy mop.

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