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Car Care Cleaning Equipment & Solutions

[box type=”shadow” ]India is among the top six leading manufacturers of automobiles with a significant customer base that makes it one of the major consuming marketplaces in the world. Growing demand and increasing supply chain for cars also make it an attractive market for car care and car wash products and services. The niche sector is developing from garage and repair shops to well-equipped and managed car care service hubs. Nikunj Sharma brings an account on cleaning equipment & solutions.[/box]

Car-Care-Cleaning-equimentTHE TREND is picking up in both formats i.e. dedicated carwash/car care service centres/ chains and as a support shop of dealerships. The market prospects booms on the strong vehicle presence on the road with over 200 million registered vehicles on the roads and many more to come, the market offers a lucrative opportunity for the existing as well as new players. In this purview, managing a car wash facility becomes a demanding job and requires a balanced approach between the supplies and procurement, training and manpower management apart from integrating the man and machine to deliver the best with sustainable ROI.

In an overview to the business of carwash services, Ashok Sharma, MD, Unique Auto Care India Pvt Ltd, says, “Among the many instruments/solutions for car wash/ cleaning buffing machine, car wash machine, vacuum cleaner etc. are very common in practice. Complete car wash includes both interior detailing and exterior cleansing,service stations and vehicles.

Other than the conventional cleaning alternatives, the high end car care service providers also offer exterior steam wash, ozone treatment, protective treatment, polymer nano sealent, anti-rust treatment, extensive interior cleaning, paint correction, under body polymer coating and nano glass coating services to their customers. In addition, high pressure cleaning machines, spray extraction machines, high powered vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners are also used to offer mechanised and customised car cleaning service.

[box type=”shadow” ]Ashok-Sharma

“Among the many instruments/solutions for car wash/cleaning buffing machine, car wash machine and vacuum cleaner are very common in practice.”

– Ashok Sharma


Efficacy of car cleaning solutions

There are plenty of suppliers for carwash equipment and solutions like Auto Finesse from UK, 3M India, Formula1, Lavor Wash and ranging from muddy wheels to steering wheels. We use customized CRM tools to handle all car cleaning needs with an inhouse intensive training center to cater such needs. We have extended this service to the customer’s doorstep resulting in less hassle of bringing the car to service station.”

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