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Raw Xtreme CX – Waterless auto wash concentrate

A rinseless / waterless car wash concentrate claimed to be world’s lowest cost per wash and world’s highest dilution ratio of 1:100, has been launched by Proklear. It utilises only 500ml of water to clean and shine, as opposed to a normal car wash that consumes an average 50 to 60 times more water. The company says the eco-friendly and biodegradable product contains active agents which lift dirt and grime from pores of the surface, encapsulates them and provides lubrication so that the dislodged dirt cannot redeposit or cause damage while cleaning. The product is available in hyper concentrated form.

A sedan sized car can be cleaned and shined by using 5ml of the concentrate and just 500ml of water.

The concentrate has to be diluted in water and sprayed on the vehicle, and cleaned and buffed with the use of microfiber towels. The final rinsing of the vehicle is not required which utilises the most water

ProKlear manufactures Nano technology based products for Automobile after market. Products include Windshield wash additive which keeps the windshield clean and wipers lubricated unique formula also prevents wiper judder, Nano glass sealant with anti-glare for windshield makes glass water repellent and reduces glare from oncoming vehicle headlights and increases visibility during night driving, single application lasts for many years. Waterless wash concentrates with 100 times dilution ratio and lowest per wash cost. Ceramic coating for Cars and Two wheelers makes maintenance very easy. Other products include Anti-Fog, Snow Foam concentrate, Dashboard shiner protectant and Tyre shiner protectant.


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