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In a fast paced society like today, everyone would like to get his/ her car cleaned in the shortest possible time by a professional car washer. Car care & car wash involve washing, drying, polishing, detailing and servicing. The process uses a number of techniques and ingredients starting from cleaning with mild jet-pressure, hot water or steam, foam detergents and liquid wax that will give a car that extra shine.

Present demand

Car-WashCar ownership is a symbol of economic progress and is very high on consumer’s wish list. The rising middle class is posed as one of the potential customers for Indian auto industry in years to come. The Indian car market is massive, under serviced and unexplored.

As a nation we talk of a number scarcities. Surprisingly one scarce ‘product’ is time itself. Owning a car is one thing but finding time to clean and maintain that car is becoming a challenge to many office goers busy professionals. They in turn depend on professional cleaning companies that offer diverse services as per the requirements. Assuming every sixth car produced in the world will be sold in India, the automobile market will continue to expand presenting opportunities for the growth of car care business. Another factor is the growth of the luxury car market in India. Luxury car owners such as of BMW, Audi, Benz or Jaguar, don’t not want to risk on the standards of cleaning.

Is India ready for a professional car wash business ?

professional-car-washCar wash can be turned into a profitable business, provided proper research is carried out. The person wanting to establish a car wash centre needs to get first-hand experience on the technology and processes by visiting existing centres. There are different car wash business models available and it is important to single out a model that best suits one’s investment as well as the business plan. It is important to choose the right location for the facility, say an area where there is a high density of owners of premium segment cars or one with heavy traffic.

When it comes to RDI, location and infrastructure are very important. A couple of years back a normal washing procedure would have been acceptable, but today one is thinking of scaling up the business by bringing in newer technologies and methods. It is equally important to acquaint oneself with the newest technologies in order to keep ahead of others and keep the business going. Today banks offer loans to projects with viable business plan.

Though car wash job has not gained much prominence in smaller towns and cities, it is gradually evolving into a business in big cities and metros. Also, increased influx of costly cars in urban areas is opening up new avenues in this area. Availability of water can be a challenge, however, it is not long before this business becomes an organised one and starts enjoying similar status as that of any other organised business in the country.

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