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Cannon Hygiene launches ‘Imagine’

In keeping with the growing style trend, Cannon Hygiene launched its new washroom range “Imagine”, which is “set to revolutionise the look and feel of the entire washroom”.

DESIGNED IN distinctive geometric shapes, the dispensers can be tailored to any colour that can be imagined. “The range, designed by a leading Portuguese design company, took its inspiration from the triangle in Cannon Hygiene’s logo and a unified global range of high quality dispensers was innovated,” explained Prashant Sule, Managing Director of Cannon Hygiene India Pvt Ltd during the Mumbai launch.

Hygienic washrooms not only give a clean feel but also influence everyone who walks into it. Speaking exclusively to Clean India Journal, “The new range makes possible what one imagines of a washroom.

While most washrooms lack the sequence and similarity with varied products of different brands, Cannon Hygiene offers entire range across the washroom right from air fragrance to dispensers with a uniform look. With the new innovative range, we can even customise the products to match the walls of the washroom too.

“Just imagine the entire washroom with the same face-cut of products,” he added.

Cecil Ryan, CEO, Cannon Hygiene International commented “The Imagine range brings design into the washroom across a number of areas – external design, unique functionality, colour adaptability and RFID capability.  For many years, commercial washrooms have not kept pace with the increasing design trends of domestic bathrooms.  This has changed with the launch of the Imagine range.  Organisations now have the opportunity to design and brand a space, which is probably the most visited part of any business and carries powerful messages to customers and staff.”

The innovative new washroom range include:

  • New 500ml auto foam soap dispenser.
  • New 400ml spray soap dispenser.
  • Shake and Wake new bio-auto sanitiser.  Smaller and five times more concentrated than previously.  Shake and Wake uses no batteries and can be mounted on the wall or in the cistern.
  • Smaller size: In keeping with customer demand all dispensers are smaller than others on the market.
  • Colour:  The core range comes in white, black and silver, but custom colours are available. 
  • Replaceable:  Front covers are easily replaceable meaning a washroom colour change can be achieved at much lower cost.
  • RFID: All dispensers will have  RFID capability.

“What distinguishes Cannon Hygiene products is the uniqueness and the hygiene factor. The fragrance is certified and lack VOC and the soaps are high end antibacterial soaps. They are not refills but are factory packed; thus remains contamination free. In place of auto janitors, we have introduced wake and shake bio sanitser,” Prashant Sule explained.

Popular features of the existing range are carried through into the new global range, for example:

  •  1,100 automatic foam soap dispenser – highest number of shots on the market.
  •  EcoFresh – innovative fuel cell fragrance unit, fully biodegradable.
  •  CannonCurve with customisable wrap to finish off the washroom décor.

Present during the Mumbai launch were Cdr Brahm Swaroop, Senior General Manager, Head-Purchase (Admin Infrastructure), Tata Consultancy Services and Prashant Issar, CEO, Square Meal Foods among others.

“Few months from now, we are adding more to this range,” Prashant said.

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