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Cannon Hygiene introduces Cannon Drainoscopy

The constant build of scale, unsightly stains and uric salts mainly in urinal and in the water closets, which ultimately lead to blockages and foul odour becomes a challenge to address.

Cannon Drainoscopy is an inspection system to quickly detect and diagnose the unreachable areas of the drain. Equipped with comfortable pistol-grip design, large screen and rugged anodized aluminum camera head with four bright LEDs, Cannon Drainoscopy gives a perfect view of the drain. With enhanced features like image rotation and digital zoom, the system is equipped to record still images and videos of the problem areas which can be saved for future records.

Features of the inspection tool

  • Can be operated on lines measuring 1” to 3” (32-76 mm) and lines up to 65’ (20 meters)
  • It can pass multiple 90° bends in most 1.5” (40 mm) drain lines
  • Lightweight and compact design is one-half the size of popular inspections, easily carried onto the jobsite.
  • Durable and reliable construction with hardened stainless steel camera head spring assembly for a long service life as well as lasting high-intensity lights for exceptional viewing

This takes care of the drain cleaning of the lines with diameter measuring ¾” (19mm) to 4” (100mm). Drain lines up to the length of 75ft can easily be cleaned with the machine. In addition, more length up to 200ft can be accessed by adding the cleaning cable, section by section.

The machine cleans the drain lines with a gentle rotation process and ensures that there is no internal damage. It ensures that there are no added costs like that of shutting down the plant, breaking the drain lines and re-fixing the floor/wall. It is ideal for tight turns.

The machine can get rid of hard blockages such as roots, uric acid deposits and other obstructions and soft blockages such as grease, food build-up, hair, soap and sediments. It is suitable for bathroom / lavatory / kitchen sinks, tub / shower, urinal, laundry tub, roof vents and indoor floor drains.

It is available in wide ranges from hand spinners to fully automatic tools with different heads like drop head auger, straight auger, funnel auger, spade cutter, grease cutter,  C cutter and retrieving auger.

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