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Cannon Hygiene India: Complete Washrooom Hygiene Solutions

Cannon Hygiene, which has popularly been associated with feminine hygiene, has today grown into a complete washroom hygiene solutions provider. Offering a range of over 25 hygiene products and services in India, Cannon Hygiene specializes in infection control solutions for washrooms right from dispensers to drains. Clean India Journal speaks to Managing Director Prashant Sule and Director Rajesh Rohira on the challenges and successes of the company’s journey in India

Cannon Hygiene, over the last 16 years, has grown to become the name much-sought after for washroom hygiene solutions across the country. Over the last decade, the awareness about hygiene solutions requirement for washrooms has spread widely, however, says Prashant Sule, “the spend for maintaining hygienic washrooms, is yet to catch up.”

When it comes to cleaning or hygiene, cost becomes a determining factor. Even though two different brands offer the same kind of product, the quality and delivery differ highly and hence, differ in cost.

“The difference with our products is not just in the quality but it meets standards and the services offered are far beyond comparison. For example, we not only collect the sanitary waste from washroom but replace the receptacle during service. We just do not clear the waste but also ensure that the washroom remains hygienic. We are the only service providers who take the feminine hygiene bins for a thorough wash and replace them with fresh and washed bins. The vapours and biological waste contaminate the bin and by washing it, we ensure no pathogens are left behind to contaminate the washroom in turn,” explained Prashant Sule.

The feminine hygiene bin technology of Cannon Hygiene works on vapours that kill the microorganism generated inside the bin instantly. “Some of our loyal customers who understand the technology and take care of their employees have engaged our services all across. These include Google, Amazon, TCS, SAT, Microsoft and many more.”

[box type=”shadow” ]Prashant-sule“All Cannon Hygiene products are EU certified, which ensures that the product quality is of high standards, in meeting the stringent rules of European Union.”

– Prashant Sule


The success of the feminine hygiene model is also credited to the perfect client service offered by 15 service centers. In all, 45,000 bins are in circulation and are strategically brought to the service center, washed and decontaminated before being sent to the client. “It may take some time to get the customer to understand the concept but once a Cannon Hygiene customer, he is always a Cannon Hygiene customer.”

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