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Buzil India Growing into a supply hub

[box type=”shadow” ]Klaus-KarlThe Buzil-Rossari Biotech JV is over a year old now. In a brief interview with Klaus Karl, Managing Director, Buzil-Werk Wagner GmbH & Co. KG, at Berlin, Clean India Journal captures the company’s vision of its operations in India.

[/box]  THE INDIAN market is very interesting. Being a part of the old world and the Indian market being the new world, we have learnt how to speed up, deal with different cultures, take whatever we have as part of our heritage and adopt it into a totally new environment.

We see a huge potential in the Indian market but we need to work hard, not just to change the local market but to change our approach to work in the new world. We are an old German traditional company in the fourth generation turning 110 in two years. The Indian market looks exciting where we can offer our quality approaches of formulations and application knowhow. In the last 18 months, we have been gaining a lot of good references based on the quality of the products made in Germany and delivered in India. We added up with good servicing too.

We are registering a very good growth and want to grow in proportion to our growth in other parts of the world. In order to grow, we need to build a very stable organization. This is not easy in India because there are a lot of fluctuations. There is a general tendency for people, when they find a new opportunity they take off especially when you train them to stay longer in the organization to build it up. This becomes counter-productive. We have to find new ways of motivating people and to retain them in India.

When we speak of over proportional growth, we mean we have to spread into the country. We are already in five regions but we also want to serve the SAARC countries around India, including Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and others. We have developed relations in Pakistan too. I even got to meet in Berlin, a potential distributor from Singapore who wanted our products. Sending products from Germany to Singapore is not feasible and so we will be sending them from India. Now, as we are manufacturing in India, it is becoming a supply hub to other parts of the world. The maximum distance we deliver from Germany is to Dubai. Everywhere else it would be too expensive per litre of chemical.

As far as the quality of products with regards to those produced in Germany and those produced in India is concerned, the quality assurance test is done by Germany. We have regular visits of our experts to India and there is a constant communication between Buzil and Rossari. The parent companies work together on the new developments and quality assurance. Quality is also tested for products manufactured in Germany and there is regular site visits from our R&D people including our R&D head. So it is Made in India, verified in Germany.

I think that the recent changes is opening up the country; the infrastructure development and Clean India as a campaign are very much encouraging. There is a lot things that we learn in India that we implement in other parts of the world. We deliver in 35 countries and there is a lot of learning from this.

I had been to the Clean India Show in Bangalore and I see the show is growing like our business is growing.

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