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Wednesday , 8 April 2020
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Buzil – Coating Products

Sumeet Verma, MD, Buzil Rossari Pvt Ltd: Buzil is a 108 years old German organization. Two years back we signed a JV with India-based Rossari to manufacture world quality cleaning equipment. We have 150 utility and specialty products spanning across different industries. Our cleaning equipments do not make use of lot of water. They are fairly concentrated. They are eco-friendly too. Some work based on nanotechnology. Hospitality, healthcare, heritage management, commercial retail laundry are some of the areas where our products impart a good amount of value. We have made couple new launches in coating products here that are new to the Indian market. Due to lot of stress and traffic, the linoleum, PVC, floor surfaces are worn out. Our coating product restores the gloss and durability and improves their life terms. The cleaning industry has a long way to go- particularly in terms of knowledge upgradation and helping people do away with overuse of products and energy and working towards sustainability.

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