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Buz Leather C 580 – Leather Care

Leather is one of the most widely traded commodities in the world and plays a prominent role in the world’s economy, with constantly growing global trade value per year. Leather industry occupies a reputable place in the Indian economy in view of its massive potential for employment, growth and exports. The exports of leather and its products from India has gained an impulse during the past two decades.

Leather is expensive, and we are conditioned to think of it as a delicate material, but it can be a beautiful part of your life. From your shoes to your handbag to your couch, it can make you feel royal. But taking care can be tricky. Just like any other belongings, your leather items will eventually become dirty and require some tender care to restore back to its beautiful form.

Though, leather goods are quite durable and hard wearing, they do need to be washed because of stains, grease, or just a build-up of general household germs. Proper protection can prevent staining, grease penetration and all types of issues which can arise later.

Buz® Leather C 580 helps to protect your leather goods from such stains. Thanks to its intensive care formula which removes dirt and grime from your leather items and keeps them soft and supple. It also has a pleasant scent to compliment the leather’s natural scent.

The advance formula of Buz® Leather C 580 will help repel water and restore your leather’s natural beauty and shine, so that it looks better for longer. It works on all products including home and auto, furniture, clothing, shoes, luggage, and more. The cleaning and conditioning can be achieved with single artefact, so you won’t have to purchase separate merchandise.

Buzil Rossari Pvt. Ltd. brings Buz® Leather C 580- a unique product for leather cleaning. This will not only clean thoroughly but also help in increasing the resistance of your leather accessories.

Other key features of Buz® Leather C 580

• Universal maintenance
• Intensive care effect
• Lightly scented
• Value for money as used sparingly
• Ideal for shoes, accessories, vehicle interiors, clothing

Product Information
Product Name : Buz® Leather C 580
Appearance : White Liquid
Odour : Perfume
pH : 8.0 -8.5
Density (25°C) : 0.97 +/- 0.1
Fields of application : Suitable for all
types of smooth leather. For application
on furniture, clothing, shoes, accessories,
car cockpits.

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