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Clean India Pulire, Waste Technology India Expo, Laundrex India, Car Care Expo

• 10,000 plus trade visitors
• Over 200 exhibitors
• 8 knowledge sharing sessions
• Live demos on all 3 days
• Buyer-Seller Meet
• Distributor Meet
• Volume Business and Multiple Contracts Signed

[box type=”shadow” ]I Pledge This was an initiative taken by Clean India Journal to bring together the community to pledge towards a Clean, Green and New India. All the visitors and exhibitors took the pledge. The Minister inaugurated the pledge campaign by clicking on the I Pledge logo and signing on the board as a symbol of support towards this initiative.[/box]

The four expos – 15th edition of Clean India Show, Waste Technology India Expo, Laundrex India and Car Care Expo – surpassed all previous records with a bigger space by providing – opportunities for international players to unravel the Indian market potential, explore business prospects, find the right business connect for manufacturing, marketing, distribution & sales and opportunities for Indian manufacturers and suppliers to meet target segments under one roof, explore newer markets and enhance volume business. This is probably the only platform in the world where one gets to meet not just the direct buyer but also distributors and channel partners for business expansion.

[box type=”shadow” ]“We could not believe meeting customers who are not so easy to reach… we got to meet all new customers from different segments.”[/box]

The spectacular expos were greeted with a continuous flow of buyers right from the time the doors were opened to the show on January 18. Exhibitors were elated with the quality of visitors who not only queried but also made intelligent purchase.

Overriding its records, buyers from across 22 countries visited and closed contracts at all the four expos. Not just the expos, the conference halls were packed with delegates, with many waiting outside having missed the opportunity for not having pre-booked space to attend the high-level knowledge sharing sessions.

Surpassing not just the visitor count, the four expos also had over 60 new exhibitors from across 16 countries. The Clean India Technology Week of four expos and five conferences was much bigger spread across two halls.

[box type=”shadow” ]“We completed our target within the first two days of the show itself… third day was a bonus.”[/box]

“A few years back it was common with end-users to pick up machines from international manufacturers. Today however the scene is slowly changing,we not only have Indian manufacturers making products for international companies but also have products for both export and Indian markets. The Indian Cleaning Industry, with its passion for delivering quality products, represents the ‘New India’. A lot of the bigger brands are not able to match our customised and timely service.”

[box type=”shadow” ]“It is really going to be a big challenge handling 800 plus enquiries we have received in these three days.”[/box]

Inaugurating the show, Dr. Ranjit Patil, Minister of State for Home (Urban), Urban Development, Law and Judiciary Department, Parliamentary Affairs, Government of Maharashtra, applauded the initiative of organising such shows.

“As everyone is aware, both the Central Government and the State Governments are focussing a great deal on cleanliness and upkeep of urban and rural areas. This calls for systematic cleaning practices and waste management processes.

I appreciate the efforts being put in by Virtual Info Systems Pvt. Ltd and Clean India Journal in organising this socially relevant event and creating a platform for the stakeholders to come under one roof. I am impressed to see that not only Indians but also exhibitors from several countries have participated in this expo to assist India in dealing with this problem.

As a part of the urban local development body, my challenge is to segregate solid and wet waste. This requires mechanism and technology right from transportation, cleaning of roads and its scientific processing. We should have solutions to do that in a well organised way by saving time, energy and money.

Jayaraman Nair, Chairman, VIS with Keith Monteiro and Charu Thapar

The main objective of this exhibition is that, though it is being conducted in metropolitan city like Mumbai, the message is being penetrated to our taluka and district level. I also hope something can be done for the middle-class society in this field which will be affordable. We should come out with answers which are effective to our country taking into account the tight budgets of the urban local bodies.

Media, whether social or electronic, is the 4th pillar of our system. You all are the part of print media, So I wish all the success and thanks from the Government’s side because this need not only be done by the NGO’s and publications, but you all are helping the Government by accomplishing all this.

May we together take this work further and make it available to all the individuals in this country and complete the vision of our Prime Minister of moulding India towards cleanliness till 2019.”

Dr Vinod Kumar Jindal, Joint Secretary (SBM), Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India, who also gave the keynote address at the highlevel Waste Management conference held alongside the show, said:

“The need for cleanliness is of utmost importance as driven by political leaders from the time of Gandhi to our now Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Almost 50% of 4,000 odd towns are declared open defecation free. The 100% scientific waste management is another challenge. With the strong impetus towards urbanisation, the garbage is about 750gm to 1kg per person. The Swachh app has received about 50 lakh downloads in only about a year. Every city is trying to compete with one another to improve their rankings. He also complimented the efforts by municipal commissioners, celebrities, on their efforts in driving this mission zealously.

This cleanliness movements are all pervasive. We are more outcome oriented than process oriented. Depending upon the cleanliness maintained, waste collection, segregation, construction and demolition management, etc., a rating will be provided. The problem faced by the Waste to Energy plants is that they are not able to receive the kind of waste they should receive for energy generation. The segregation will be successful if it is managed well at the source itself. The dry waste components can be utilised more efficiently. The conference could also find out what could be employed to find an alternative to overfilled capacity dumping grounds. The deliberations made will be of utmost importance. The recommendations will be implemented to make India clean as mandated by the Government of India.”

Jayaraman Nair, Chairman, VIS with Sunil Ralph, Group Head-FM services, GMR Group & all India GMR team

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