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Build a toilet, build her future

Hindware will build female toilets in 19 schools across two states

Hindware has pledged to send young girls back to school by building toilets in India. Under its ‘Build a Toilet, Build her Future’ campaign, the company aims to provide 50 toilets across two states. 

Nearly 20 million girls drop out of school every year, mainly due to the lack of proper and private sanitary facilities. As they miss out on school for a few days every month, these girls tend to lag in their studies, eventually resulting in opting out of school. 

Hindware aims to cover 19 schools across Gurugram, Sonipat, Udaipur and Bahadurgarh that will bring these young girls back to school once again. It has collaborated with the NGO Ma My Anchor to ensure the groundwork execution of this project. 

World Toilet Day on 19th November was proposed by the UN to create an awareness of poor sanitary conditions around the globe. Various countries have pledged to participate in this worldwide initiative of education and public awareness among its people. 

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