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Budget planning for FY 2023: Solutions of choice

As we come to the end of one financial year, facility owners, FM heads and service providers are busier than usual while planning their budgets for the next year. Why? Because in FY 2022-23, the budget will be unlike any other.

The appearance on the horizon of a post-pandemic era. A rebound in economic indicators and discretionary spending. A permanent shift in what facility users expect, courtesy the pandemic. The reimagining of space utilisation. Massive innovations in cleaning as a science, and technology as its enabler. And above all, a non-negotiable premium on health, hygiene, safety and wellness.

These are just some of factors – some of which were perhaps unheard of even two years ago – that planners need to consider while constructing a budget. To complicate things further, facility owners may expect enhanced service delivery without a corresponding increase in their expenditure, while service providers who have invested heavily in cleaning solutions over the past two years are now seeking to improve their bottom line.

All parties agree that cleaning is essential to life and health. But do their budgets for the same agree with one another? What spending will they agree upon? How can spending on certain solutions reduce spending on others? What are the solutions that have stood the test of time and scientific testing?

We spoke to various stakeholders to understand the machines, tools, chemicals and software that will become ubiquitous in the coming year.

1) More affordable solutions will drive housekeeping spends

2) Spend more on solutions that reduce costs

3) Trending: Automation, durability, energy and manpower efficiency

4) Customers will choose sustainable, green chemicals

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