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In recent years, some of the government bodies are sincerely adopting / considering to adopt BOT/BOOT systems which enhance quality, reduce cost and speed up the process, hence are being counted as one of the best ways of optimization and prevention of wasting national funds.

Under BOOT system, it is possible that the contract may be awarded again to the same company owned by the contractor or other party, after the expiry of agreement, depending upon how satisfied have the Principals been with the quality, service, price charged, etc.

As could be gauged, it seems only big players can afford to offer contracts, and only companies dealing in laundry-work of certain standing vis-a-vis finances, experience, trained manpower etc. could take up contracts.

The system could be applied to hotels / hospitals / private corporate houses / industrial laundries if both parties i.e. Principal & Contractor agree to have the same going.

It is possible that land or area for laundry (on lease) / electricity / water may be offered at concessional rates by the Principals to the Contractors, for smooth functioning, and rentals & charges for electricity & water consumed debited to the contractors on a monthly basis.

The arrangement is being done so that quality of linen, uniforms, & customers’ / guests’ laundry, if included, is maintained at a certain standard throughout. The Principals have a chance to change the contractor/s after the agreement period expires.

Machinery could consist of batchwasher-extractors or continuous batch washers with additional functioning depending upon work-load per day. Normally, if load is more than 7-8 tonnes per day of similar type, CBW may be a good option.

The contractor may have to operate under certain conditions like:

  1. Assurance of a certain minimum of percentage of work [say, 75-80%] to be completed per day, with backlog completed the next day.
  2. Contractor should be flexible to take up a little extra load [say, 2030%] under emergency at no extra cost.
  3. Material of construction of machines to be SS 304 or higher quality.
  4. The system to be connected to IT for knowing the conditions of work-flow at any given time.
  5. Auto dosing of chemicals would be preferred.
  6. Electrical parts to stand up to tough working environment, like temperature & humidity of laundry.
  7. Parameters of effluent to conform to pollution control board norms.
  8. Machinery supplier to help do AMC to ensure better working of machines, or the laundry contractor to have his own competent maintenance team.
  9. All staff working for contractor need to be skilled to carry out work properly & professionally.
  10. All labour laws to be adhered to by the contractor.
  11. Storage of washed linen / garments to be in SS shelves or trolleys or non-corrosive material.
  12. Clauses of surrendering / termination of contract, earlier than stipulated time to be considered.
  13.  Out-sourcing of work-load in case of unforeseen circumstances, & conditions there of.
  14. Collection of soiled linen / garments / laundry, packing & delivery schedule to be worked out.
  15. Quality norms for various items processed – like whiteness / stains / pressing / packing to be worked out. Washing to be free of stain & soil, well pressed & packed as per norms set and delivered to stipulated receiving area.
  16. Considerations need to be given to collection of soiled linen/ garments / laundry / uniforms, stain removal, wash-dry clean-dry-press-pack and record of items received, delivered & balance if any on daily basis.

Quality checks & audits could be carried out by Principals, at stipulated time or at random.

Penalties in case of less than desired or no-compliance could be worked out by mutual agreement, or worked out by the Principals in advance. This could include start-up in stipulated time, complaint/s by ultimate customer and quality checks w.r.t. whiteness, stains etc.

Incorporating clients’ feed-back can help improve quality on a continuous basis. It needs to be win-win situation for both the parties involved, for BOOT system to succeed.

Assumption: The company, awarding contract may not laundry processes or may be unwilling to take up work for various reasons. On the other hand the contractor has the experience in laundry work and business.

Currently, many contractors invest in buying machines, & install them in space provided by hotels / hospitals and operate, with steam / water / electricity provided by the Principals.

Vijay Rodda
Laundry Consultant

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