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Road sweeping can be a huge and challenging task for any facility manager. It is very laborious, time consuming and involves a lot of difficult and harsh conditions to cope with.

Road sweepers are a boon to plant administrators and facility managers who are able to deliver dust free, clean, safe and effective solutions to manage roads of large manufacturing plant. Such plants/facilities generally deal with a lot of low micron level powder like dust to large micron level debris like material that form part of their supply chain. These include raw material movements like ore, sand, limestone, etc., finished goods and process waste material like slag, coal fines and construction waste. The movement and handling of these materials are on a continuous basis and can be potential sources to make the environment dusty, dirty, strewn and many times unsafe as well.

The road sweepers manage large volumes of road dust and debris. While on the move, the machines have rotary brushes which push the dirt/dust to the bottom centre of the equipment where a suction mechanism allows the dust/dirt to be picked up from the road and be sucked into a huge tank which stores the picked up material. Most of the sweepers also provide a suction hose that can be manually handled to pick up large objects like bricks, plastic bottles, broken stones, etc. The material is then disposed off to designated areas or bin either by self-fitted hydraulic lifting bins or by bottom opening chutes to empty the tank.

Road sweepers come in all sizes which include

• Truck mounted or large machines for large establishments and high volume management,

• Medium and sized self-designed compact sweepers for cities, townships, public establishments like airports, amusement parks….

• Small and compact sweepers for indoor operations, narrow roads and lanes management, warehouses, etc.

• Ride-on sweepers for small/covered areas with heavy movement and continuous operations

Road sweeping as a concept has emerged into the Indian cleaning industry just over two decades ago. Many establishments, corporates, civic authorities have switched over to road sweepers which have proved efficient and effective in all ways. While there are many manufactures overseas, it is a pride that India has developed a few indigenous road sweeping manufacturers based on the demand and potential. Even Nano technology has emerged in this area and a manufacturer has produced a very small equipment to cater to smaller segments with a very cost effective package.

Road sweepers are an expensive proposition but bring a lot of efficiency and operational cost effectiveness with them. They eliminate the problems and hardships of manpower availability and their management. They surely make a huge difference for the better to the environment and people involved in operating and managing them.

Ralph Sunil

Chief Administration Officer & VP

Essar Steel India Ltd

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