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Bioenzyme-based product for malodour elimination

Long last fragrance upto 12 hours

Removal of malodours is a prerequisite to successful tourist trade, pleasant dining, the perception of cleanliness in hospitals and clinics, and in providing a generally healthy atmosphere. Praras® Biosciences Pvt Ltd’s MALODOREXACTIV SLR 2X is a bioenzyme-based product for Malodour elimination. It is a liquid concentrate of non-pathogenic bacterial consortium adept in malodor management and commercial fragrance. The product overwhelms the olfactory system with more potent fragrances that mask the malodour, and cause microbiological breakdown of malodorous compounds into simpler compounds that do not have any odour.

To achieve sustained release of the fragrance over a longer period, polymer nanotechnology was applied to the product using a naturally available biopolymer. The entrapment of the fragrance molecules on these biopolymer nanoparticles ensures the slow release of the fragrance molecules over a sustained period of time. This makes the fragrance last for 12 hours after a single application.


  • Degrades and eliminates a wide range of malodour generating compounds
  • Highly effective, broad-spectrum organic and inorganic degradation capabilities
  • Deep penetrating capabilities
  • Long lasting fragrance upto 12 hours

Chemical composition:

  • Non-pathogenic bacterial cultures: 10%.
  • Water = 89% {CAS: 7732-18-5}
  • Preservative = < 1%
  • Non-pathogenic biopolymer


  • Malodour control in municipal solid waste management
  • Dumper truck malodour treatments (those used for transportation of municipal solid waste)
  • Garbage bin treatments
  • Odour management in piggery, poultry, zoos and kennels etc
  • Washrooms in institutions, public transport and places


Appearance Cream to light brown colored viscous liquid
Solubility (5% Solution) Soluble
pH (5%Solution) 7.5-8.5
Odour Musty
Size of nanoparticles 100-400 nm
Concentration of nanoparticles NLT 20%
Dosage of sample Dilute with DM water (1:9) to prepare RTU solution.
For a washroom of dimensions 7.5 ft x 3.5 ft (including walls, approximate application area is 50 sq ft) Apply 250 ml of diluted Malodorex™ Activ SLR 2X.
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