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Intercare Cleaning & Hygiene Services Pvt. Ltd has introduced bio-based cleaning solutions.

Bio-Conqueror 105

A concentrated water-soluble deodorant liquid cleaner with a huge bioactive content. The Bio Conqueror 105 specially formulated to consume urine, waste, food, grease, detergent residues, mess on carpets, drains pet messes and dander. The clear formulation can be used safely on a variety of surfaces to clean and deodorize.


  • It is available in a wide variety of fragrances and match it with cleaners and air fresheners.
  • The concentrated formula has high fragrance, surfactants and bacterial concentrations which works quickly to clean and completely eliminate odours at their source
  • Saves money as it can be used full strength or diluted without sacrificing any performance
  • It is suitable for use in/on trigger sprayers, mop water, carpets, fabric, in laundry, grout, urinals, toilets, drains, sponges, mop heads and janitorial closets

All-Purpose Drain Treatment

The specialized formula contains grease-eating bacteria that destroy malodours by eliminating them at the source. It can be used as drain treatment to reduce BOD (biological oxygen demand) and eliminate grease build-up in pipes and grease traps. It assures better BOD, TSS and COD levels in 60 days. Grease-eating bacteria contains billions of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria that destroy malodours. Bacteria produce enzymes to digest the waste naturally, feeding on fats, oils and greases as well as solids.

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