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Bio cleaning products for multiple facility areas

Chemicals, urinal blocks and deodourisers

Charnock Equipments Pvt Ltd offers a range of bio cleaning products that are the ideal choice when you want to go green. Citra Clean: This is used successfully for all types of janitorial and most industrial cleaning applications. Undiluted, it removes chewing gum and tar from carpets as well as grease, ink, adhesive, and sealant from almost any surface. It is great on walls, painted surfaces, concrete and terrazzo, and will quickly remove sticky finger marks as well as black shoe scuffs. For the caterer, it lifts grease and carbon from ovens, cleans griddles, BBQs and all types of ducting and extraction filter equipment. In the industrial market, this product removes greasy grime and oil from machinery, vehicles, and work areas, as well as oil and diesel spillages from drives.

Toss Blocks: The original biological urinal blocks contain special bacterial cultures that clean and deodourise urinal traps and pipes while enabling great savings of water to be made. They do not contain pDCB or other dangerous chemicals and are particularly suitable for use in public buildings, schools, institutions, hotels, pubs, clubs, and restaurants, etc, especially when used with Blu-Away.

Blu–Away: This has been specially formulated for use throughout the washroom, and to clean and maintain low-volume or waterless urinal systems. It eradicates odours and staining from urine whilst also degrading uric acid and lime-scale deposits in urinals, toilet bowls and on washroom surfaces. Containing millions of specially selected, highly active microorganisms, with a refreshing mint fragrance, this unique biological cleaner can replace conventional washroom cleaners and provides the complete environmental washroom package.

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