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BICSc sustainability award revamped

Introduced in 2000, the BICSc David Bellamy award for sustainability in schools has been revamped to mark the 50th anniversary of the British Institute of Cleaning Science.The award will focus this year on the requirements of the National Framework for sustainability in schools.

As a cleaning institute, BICSc feels that the working relationship between the cleaning team and the pupils is a true reflection of how they can work together for the benefit of the environment and is paramount to achieving the criteria set out in the BICSc David Bellamy awards.

The award was originally developed to recognise the successful working partnership between the cleaning team and the school, with particular reference to achieving a sustainable cleaning method and improving the local environment. Now the award is measured against the three objectives of the Framework’s sustainability themes and encompasses the Department of Education’s belief that schools are guided by a commitment to care: care for oneself; care for each other and care for the environment.

The competition is open to all cleaning teams working in schools with pupils aged five to 16 years and is a joint venture between its cleaning staff, pupils and teachers – with the key objective for the cleaning team to demonstrate that the cleaning regime and products used are embracing the core values of the National Framework. These are energy and water, purchasing and waste and travel and traffic.

Both cleaning staff and pupils will be required to provide evidence of an improvement in the school’s impact on the local environment and to provide evidence of cleaning staff and pupils working towards common goals.

There will be two category prizes: one for a primary school, and one for a secondary school. The first prize in each category will be £4,000 plus a plaque and the runner up will receive £1,000.

– Source: Cleanzine

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