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Best Company of the Year Award for Eureka Forbes

Frost & Sullivan honoured Eureka Forbes Limited with the Best Company of the Year Award for 2010 in the Indian Residential POU Water Treatment Systems Market. Over the years, the company has developed seven state-of-art water treatment technologies to address 17 diverse water conditions in India. Field research is monitored through 16 Aquacheck Research Centers, which have also done water mapping in areas spanning more than 80% of all the pin codes in India.

Eureka Forbes’ innovative product range is available at different price brackets, thus making its mission to provide safe drinking water to every Indian possible. The company has effectively tackled competition in the lower-end, non-electric product category by launching AquaSure 3PCTi (an innovation with positive-charge technology), a first for the world. This purifies water without using chemicals. Today, Eureka Forbes has the widest service network in the Indian residential POU market. This includes around 1,500 service centers with over 5,000 trained service technicians, who visit approximately 25,000 clients daily. Eureka Forbes partnered with World Vision India, an NGO, with the shared objective of improving access to clean drinking water for rural and urban communities operating under World Vision’s Area Development Programs (ADPs) in India.

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