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Bengaluru Airport gears up for safe flying amid Covid

Introduces a host of transmission control measures

Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) has   now   introduced   a system for sanitizing trays under which they are UV-treated. A dedicated team sanitizes them manually after every use. Also, to disinfect trolleys after every use, two custom-designed UV tunnels have been created. These UV tunnels are located at a cordoned- off area of the airport terminal. Besides, outbound passenger baggage is being sanitized before they are dispatched to the aircraft.

A silver nano coating technology will be introduced by BIAL for surface disinfection. This will self-sanitize the surfaces as well as reduce the use of frequent chemical disinfection. High-traffic areas and frequently touched surfaces are manually sanitized every thirty minutes without  disrupting  the passenger flow. In 24 hours, high-traffic areas are sanitized eight times (after every three hours)  by  using Ultra Low Volume (ULV) machines. Also, the washrooms are sanitized regularly with dedicated manpower, irrespective of the frequency of use. Across the terminal, as many as 456 units of tabletop hand sanitizers, as well as 107 units of sensor-based hand sanitizers, have been placed. Across the BLR Airport campus, 120 bio waste bins have been placed that allow passengers and airport staff to dispose of their gloves, face masks, and other PPE  safely  and  conveniently.  A dedicated team manages the biowaste and hands it over to a vendor approved by the Pollution Control Board, who in turn, takes the waste away for incineration.

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