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Bayer’s new innovative technology

To safeguard public health, Bayer has launched Aqua K-Othrine which is India’s first water-based space spray insecticide for management of mosquitoes. It is an emulsion in water (EW) formulation and contains an anti-evaporant to protect the water-based spray droplets from evaporative water loss. Being water-based product, it eliminates the use of oil-based diluents such as diesel and helps reduce environmental impact and reduces cost of application by 80 percent.

“At Bayer, we are committed to using science and innovation to improve people’s lives for the better. Aqua K-Othrine is a novel product in the vector control segment to help mitigate the spread of mosquito-borne diseases. We will continue to invest significantly in the research for innovative solutions to improve public health and contribute towards good health and wellbeing for people,” said Dr Arun Kumar, Head of Environmental Science at Bayer, South Asia.

Speaking about the launch of Bayer’s new innovation in vector control; Sam Easaw, Managing Director, Rentokil PCI, said: “Bayer has a long-standing partnership with Rentokil PCI in India and across the globe. The introduction of Aqua K-Othrine in India is very timely given the increasing trend of vector borne diseases in various parts of the country.”

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