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Electrolux has introduced Hyvolution, a barrier washer-extractor with a Pullman partition. Supplied in India by Delhi-based Quick Clean, Hyvolution runs on the latest Electrolux Compass Pro interface (user-friendly and easy to program). It is available in Clarus Touchscreen control as well.

The machine is equipped with liquid detergent signals as standard. The inner/outer drums and partition fabricated from SS304 and robot welded to achieve unparalleled precision and balance. The automatic drum positioning aligns inner drum door to outer door, enhances operator safety and the need to position inner drum with bare hands. It also has automatic outer door locking and unlocking with pneumatic system and the largest inner drum door, making loading and unloading operations fast and easy.

Inner drum door acts as a bridge between washer cavity and trolley, minimising operator fatigue and unloading time, not to mention not dropping washed linen on the floor

Electrolux patented Power Balance system ensures that the wash load is monitored real-time and extracted to the full G-Force specified in the data sheet, ensuring all loads are dry to minimise drying time and costs. It is available in electrical, steam or dual energy heating options, has stainless steel front and side panels, powdered detergent soap box as option, automatic inner door opening mechanism to relieve operator fatigue,, Integrated weighing scale to save water and energy (for heating up the water) based on the wash load by the operator, efficient dosing system, and end of cycle alarm with flashing light and audible alarm to inform underprivileged operators (hearing impaired or blind) of the end of the wash cycle. Double display informs operator on the clean side of the wash status of the current load.

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