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Time to assist cleaning companies

Managing Director and CEO Sunil Shirole of Yen Capital Advisory Pvt Ltd makes sure that best cleaning practices are put in place to provide his client a positive environment.

Implementing cleaning practices in offices has its own challenges; primary among them being lack of trained manpower. Cleaning industry is growing fast but housekeeping companies are not proliferating at the pace that is required.” As an investment banker, Sunil supports the cleanliness drive across the country and feels that “the time has ripened for bankers to come forward and help cleaning companies in managing their funds requirement.“We could assist companies with global presence.

“To professionally clean an office premises and maintain all norms, well-trained manpower with hands on experience is required. But only a few service providers give training of international standard to their cleaning staff.


“When a client comes to our office, he or she must feel a perfectly bacteria-free atmosphere while sitting, discussing, sipping cups of tea or coffee or having lunch. Hence, our housekeeping men have been strictly asked to use the latest smell-free disinfectants for office premises and high-quality liquids for washrooms.”

The clients from other countries that visit the office of any financial institution must find it in tune with their offices back home. This is where the extent of scope for professional cleaning in our industry comes in. We believe that the client is central to everything that we do.

Being a golfer, Sunil Shirole is a cleanliness freak and aspires to see his office clean and litter free as the golf courses. “Heads of large corporate houses, both national and international, visit my office. Naturally, maintenance of right from the floors and lobbies to tables and chairs becomes crucial. We budget nearly 10% of our profits for cleaning activities.

“The future of cleanliness industry is tremendous in terms of increasing knowledge and innovations. I foresee a massive growth in this particular segment as the growth of the cleaning industry would be directly linked with the vast number of offices coming up across India. India is bound to grow as a major financial, industrial and business hub of the world. The future lies with India.”

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