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Kärcher Cleaning Systems Pvt. Ltd has introduced backpack vacuums which are powerful, compact lightweight and battery-operated with large container capacity for cleaning at all difficult-to-access or blocked out locations and also for daytime cleaning concept in the target groups — BSC, retail, hospitality and transportation.

BV 5/1 Bp Backpack Dry Vacuum Cleaner.


  • Unrestricted, cordless use: it can be used efficiently in narrow and difficult accessible locations
  • Good cleaning performance in terms of effort and time saving
  • Easy operation controller is fixed directly to the belt, allowing the controlling of all functions without work interruptions (time saving)
  • Ergonomic backpack frame for a long-term comfortable operation
  • eco!efficiency mode: low energy consumption and long running time
  • Low operating noise
  • Robust and sturdy construction for frequent professional use, compact dimensions for flexible use
  • Good price-performance ratio
Technical Data BV 5/1 Bp T 9/1 Bp
Battery running time 24 min* / 46 min** 24 min* / 46 min**
Charging time 60 min 60 min
Max. power rating 730 W* / 400 W** 730 W* / 400 W**
Vacuum max. 207 mbar / 20.7 kPa 207 mbar / 20.7 kPa
Air flow rate 46 l/s 46 l/s
Battery voltage 36 V 36 V
Sound pressure level 57 dB(A) 62 dB(A)
Container capacity 5 l 9 l
Weight (with battery) 8.7 kg 7.2 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH in mm) 400x320x636 420x325x381

Battery BP 750, Generation II

  • Latest Lithium-Ion technology
  • 36 V, 7.5 Ah, max. 1000 W
  • 270 Wh
  • Single-cell monitoring
  • With battery status indication
  • Over 1, 000 charging cycles

Quick Charger BC 1/7

  • 290 W
  • Active cooling for heat protection
  • Charging time of 60 minutes


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