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Dr Prashanshu Chomplay

We are ready to have our students back to where they belong – As narrated by Dr Prashanshu Chomplay

Professor & Head of the Institution of Amity School of Hospitality       

Our institute has once again opened its doors to our students and we have adhered to all the stipulations and protocols laid down by the U.P government for all educational bodies to follow.  The stringent procedures and guidelines we observe are kept to ensure the safety and security of our students and faculty present on our huge campuses.

Every student has been asked to either upload their vaccination certificate or their RTPCR test results online and then only are they permitted into the campus.  Our classrooms are sanitised twice a day and the number of classes has increased as we have spread out and broken down the number of attending students per classroom.

In the same way, our labs and cafeteria are sanitised thoroughly and are kept as clean and safe as possible by our FM personnel.  Students have been given the option of attending online classes for the first two weeks.  This is the hybrid option that we have proposed for them so that their transition back to the classrooms is as smooth and stress-less as can be.

We have Cushman and Wakefield as our facility managers who handle our housekeeping for us and they are doing an excellent job of ensuring that our premises are as safe and hygienic as we want them.

Our equipment for in-house sanitary protocols are touch-less sanitisers and dispensers in our washrooms and we have also invested in motorised machines for sanitising and fumigating our premises to ensure a clean campus.

Outsiders are strictly prohibited from entering the campus and if they do, they are only permitted once they have shared their vaccination certificate or RTPCR results with us.  Even outside catering personnel who come to provide us with our everyday requirements are expected to mask up, cover their heads and wear gloves when handling the food that they deliver to us.  Our menu, for now, has drastically been reduced just so that we reduce contact from outside vendors to a minimum.

We have marshals who help us monitor the health and safety of the students.  If they find any student with a slight temperature or if any students are feeling slightly unwell, they are directed by the marshals to either quarantine themselves or stay away from campus for 10 days.

We try to adhere to the stipulated air quality that is expected of us.  Our campus has a lush green plantation all around, and hence we enjoy genuine good air quality both outdoors as well as indoors.  We have installed a few air filters around the premises as well to enhance the air quality.

We are constantly in touch with our parents via our MS team that updates all the required details online so that everyone is aware of all the happenings and information of our campus through the online medium.  Hence, through all the above details shared, you can rest assured that we have taken the utmost care and precaution when it comes to guaranteeing the safety and health of our students and faculty on our campuses.


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