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Autonomous floor scrubber with advanced features

Enables saving on energy, water & cleaning chemicals

Comac’s SELF.Y works in complete autonomy and safety to offer you maximum cleaning performance with minimal supervision. It works autonomously, so the operator can devote time to non-repetitive and more valuable activities. Features:

  • ECO Mode technology: Reduce waste of energy, water and chemicals
  • Reduce waste as there will no longer be double passes on the same surface
  • Will always follow the programmed cleaning path, or calculate the best one, thus guaranteeing consistent and extremely reliable cleaning results
  • Smart mapping: SELF.Y autonomously creates a map of the environment, inserting all the obstacles it may encounter during its work while optimising the most effective cleaning path.
  • Immediately ready to automate cleaning operations: You can immediately use SELF.Y while it intelligently maps the area to be cleaned, so you don’t have to wait for a specialised technician to start up.
  • SELF.Y adapts in real time to the environment, to changes in its route and to obstacles or people who may be on its cleaning path.
  • Two 3D cameras to have an optimal depth perception, thanks to the recording of a stereoscopic image of the environment. This technology allows SELF.Y to create an immediate image that precisely identifies obstacles, even relatively close ones, to avoid them and continue to work safely.
  • The LiDAR sensor allows SELF.Y to “see” the surrounding environment. In fact, the emitted laser light makes it possible to have a real time measurement of the working space to create dynamic and three-dimensional maps based on the collected data.
  • The sound waves emitted by the ultrasonic sensors have the ability to bounce back when they encounter an obstacle. Exploiting the reflection of sound on solid obstacles allows SELF.Y to detect all transparent materials, including glass and plexiglass.
  • Stairs are one of the most critical obstacles for automated cleaning, which is why the cliff sensors, in addition to preventing accidental falls, allow SELF.Y to detect any difference in height.
  • LED light colour indicates working mode: autonomous, manual, recording, need attention.
  • Doesn’t need to be connected to the Wi-Fi network to work, so you can use it anywhere, even in the basement.
  • Inexhaustible source of data that transforms into useful information to control and prove cleaning operations.
  • Simple to set up, even for less experienced users


  • SELF.Y has all the necessary features to offer autonomous and professional cleaning in environments such as airports, shopping centers, supermarkets, educational institutes, office buildings, conference centers, healthcare facilities, warehouses and distribution centers.


  • Cleaning path: 550 mm
  • Solution tank: 40 litres
  • Li-ion battery autonomy: Upto 3 hours
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