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Automation: The New Washing Experience

The Jensen Group continues to focus on smart digital solutions for heavy-duty laundries. The group recently unveiled its two-tier sales strategy with high-tech products from its American and European factories, as well as single machines exported from China under the Alpha by Jensen brand.

A Report

The brand new Jensen UniQ tunnel washer with integrated ExQ press is based on proven concepts from many years of development and has been revolutionized with many innovations such as the Jensen Operating System (JOS). The transfer times are 10% faster than in any other tunnel washer with the open drum design, and the FlexWash and FlexRinse Technology guarantee full batch integrity in the entire machine. The new UVClean system prevents bacterial growth in double drum sections automatically and without any chemical supply.

The new JOS guarantees a higher usability, thanks to the new HMI with a unified look and feel through all Jensen technologies. It is the new state-of-the-art control with aligned software and hardware architecture and ready for Industry 4.0. The new ErgoVision video monitoring of the loading and unloading process ensures a higher operational safety.

The BlueEdition version tunnel washers consume only 1.6 litres of fresh water per kg linen. External EcoTanks provide additional buffer volume for a higher water recovery, and guarantee the lowest utility consumption.

The integrated ExQ Water Extraction Press offers the best productivity with the best ease of maintenance. The 2K press cushion with its two components adapts perfectly to the extracted linen and extends the lifetime of the press cushion considerably. Laundries can benefit from faster process steps, higher pressure and better extraction performance than ever before. The extraction times of the ExQ press is 10% faster than in conventional presses.

New Finishing Experience

Jensen presented a completely new finishing line consisting of a new feeder, a new ironer, and a new folder at the Clean Show. The new simplified KliQ feeder, designed for both the healthcare and the hospitality sector, offers a high and uniform finishing quality. A transfer beam with a mechanical holding bar replaces the vacuum section. In the receiving position, the holding bar is open while the linen is held between the transfer beam and a fixation tube. During the transfer, the holding bar is closed. Based on the clamp design of the successful Logic 2000 feeder, the new spreading clamp is a masterpiece of operator convenience.

The newly designed super quick vacuum box gets the trailing edge of the linen faster into the vacuum box, shortening the cycle time. The mechanical holding bar of the KliQ feeder ensures a high and uniform feeding quality and reduces the maintenance requirements over time as it works without vacuum suction.

The new EXFG ironer is a winwin, with 6% increased capacity and 10% lower gas consumption, as it combines the benefits of a fixed chest with the benefits of a flexible chest. The energy savings are achieved with a new triple-pass boiler design and optional PID regulation. Thanks to the increased oil volume and larger flow channels in the chest, the capacity is much higher than in conventional ironers. The higher temperature of the new designed gap piece with direct heating increases the quality of the leading edge and reduces the risk of creating a jam when the leading edge passes it.

The new Katana folder is a compact solution with four inline stackers. Laundries can install up to five stackers underneath the folder to sort all existing sizes of large pieces. All crossfold stations are equipped with reversing conveyors and knife, ensuring optimum control of the folding position and a great finish of light and heavy material. The multiblade technology in both lateral and crossfold section replaces the airblow, which means that laundries can save 50% on compressed air consumption. As an extra bonus, the working environment is much more silent.

Simply gets the job done – with Alpha by Jensen

The Alpha TW5 and a towel folder Alpha T5 stand for high quality, high value-for-money solutions for laundry owners all over the world who need dependable laundry machinery that can simply get the job done.

Alpha machines are stand-alone equipment, offered in standard configurations with limited options and customizations. They are engineered with proven and reliable designs from Europe. They are manufactured with advanced equipment in China. The availability and reliability of all machines is maintained and serviced by the extensive network of the Sales and Service Centers around the world.

Creating the future in laundry automation

Jensen continues to have its sights firmly set on smart digital solutions for heavy-duty laundries. Together with their partners Inwatec and Gotli Labs, they are creating the future in laundry automation.

Inwatec’s automated soiled side sorting system minimizes the need for human interaction for quality control and surveillance, and consists of an X-ray machine and a learning system. The robot picks up the individual laundry pieces from conveyor belts and transport them to RFID chip readers to identify and register each garment. Directly after that, an X-ray scanner automatically detects unwanted hidden objects in the pockets and rejects these contaminated garments. With X-ray technology, harmful foreign sharps such as needles, scissors, scalpels, etc. can no longer remain undetected in the pockets. Only approved laundry articles are forwarded further to be sorted accordingly by the system. Today, all these tasks can be performed by only a few operators who have to manually empty the pockets of the rejected garments. Sorting soiled garments is one of the routine tasks where the use of advanced technologies can reduce human interaction to an absolute minimum. This revolutionary new approach attracted many visitors to their booth.

The team from Gotli Labs also excited guests visiting the booth with its product – Globe. Globe consolidates the data management in heavy-duty laundries. It is the first and only solution to manage all data, including staff scheduling, time and attendance and a track-and-trace functionality. It’s the most complete production information system in the entire laundry industry, and an essential tool in the plan/do/check/plan cycle. Globe helps laundries to know all details, facts and figures on the process flow with realtime data and gives an immediate feedback on the product status.

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