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Lavatec Laundry Technology GmbH, a Germany-based manufacturer of laundry equipment, has a series of washer extractors in the LX400 range with varying capacity. The LX425 is of 115kg, LX445 is of 200kg and LX460 is 270kg capacity.

Lavatec washer extractors (36-270kg) are characterised by their compact, robust design and reliable technology. If you are working with variable washing processes, washer extractors can provide a fully automated procedure and near silent operations.

Program data and all parameters such as time, level, dosing, temperature, drum speed, reversing or cool-down can be displayed. One of many advantages of Lavatec washer extractors is that all of the process functions can be manually controlled or adjusted. The single-motor inverter controlled drive has power in reserve both in the wash cycle as well as in the spin cycle to give the lowest energy consumption at any speed. They provide high extraction rates and are robust and stable in operations for life-long reliability.

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