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Automatic Urinal Flusher

CMR Automatic toilet flushers by Om Sai Impex Pvt Ltd are a must-have for bathroom facilities, open to high traffic. These easily mounted, batteryoperated devices ensure a single flush for a single user. This eliminates the possibility of water -waste due to overzealous toilet users or vandals seeking to cause a mess or intentional plumbing back up. This touch-free technology ensures maximum hygiene and sanitary bathroom experience. These units are energy efficient and environmentally sound with no need to make contact unless when activating the override button. This means overall control of infectious disease. The 24 hour automatic flushing monitor makes sure the toilet keeps up maintenance flushing even when the unit is not being used – reducing standing water in toilet that may lead to germs festering – keeping things fresh at all times. This easy to install offers a complete hands free device that lasts for years with no maintenance, other than changing the batteries every 60,000 uses. Built-in daily flush prevents sewer gas from escaping due to dry taps.

Auto toilet flushers are becoming more and more widely used because there are so many benefits to using automatic toilet flushing systems.

  • Completely touch less
  • Conveniently flushes
  • Saves water
  • Keeps toilets cleaner
  • Reduces germs & disease
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