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Collective Water Management Through Water Banks

Agro-scientist Arun Deshpande has converted a dry watershed into a water bank that stores five crore litres of water at Ankoli village in the district of Solapur, Maharashtra. Water audit played a major role in this transformation. It was just ... Read More »

Cleanliness & Hygiene in Schools:Raising Questions

With the mushrooming of international schools in India, the level of awareness on cleanliness and hygiene at schools has improved to some extent. However, despite the availability of essential cleaning machines, chemicals and professional services in the market, providing a ... Read More »

Sustainability through rural tourism

A well-executed rural tourism project involving the local communities has the potential of becoming a win-win proposition both for the tourists and the villagers. Shaam-e-Sarhad, a highly successful resort in Gujarat, is a masterpiece in rural tourism. Read More »

Maintaining Film City: All is not well

Despite earning huge revenue by letting out its property to film and television units, the Film City administration has never cared much for the upkeep of the premises and for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. But then, things are changing after CIJ paid a visit to the complex in one of Mumbai’s western suburbs. Read More »

Cleaning the escalators

I love India and her people,” says Efi Rosen in an excited tone. “Your people are so modest. They have the most intelligent brains around the world. India will take over the globe soon. It is amazing that Tata introduced ... Read More »