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Author Archives: Shardul Nautiyal

Mechanised Sweepers and Cost Efficiency

Mechanised sweeping machines, today, find great utility in challenging environments ranging from a dust prone indoor area to industrial premises requiring clearing of heavy dust. Categorised mainly as indoor and outdoor sweepers on the basis of size, area of application ... Read More »

Public awareness is very important in SWM

Lonavala, the attractive hill station in Maharashtra generates 25TPD of solid waste. Ganesh Shete, Chief Officer, Municipal Council talks about the various programmes initiated since he joined Council eight months back. Management of Solid Waste Around fifty percent of solid ... Read More »

Towards Integrated Solid Waste Management

In order to process 25 lakh tonnes of waste dumped at its landfill site, Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) is in consultation with global and national companies. Kishore Kanyal, Additional Municipal Commissioner, talks about the initiative. The Waste to Energy programme ... Read More »

Better management of hospital waste

Despite strict enforcement of laws on dumping of bio medical waste, cases of illegal dumping of medical waste mixed with municipal solid waste has become rampant in city based hospitals across the country. Dr Suleman Merchant, Dean, LTMG Hospital, Mumbai, ... Read More »

Designing Bins

The basic application of bins is directly associated with garbage or waste collection. But bins are also used for storage in industries like food and textile. Types of bins vary with its applications in various industries. Today, the characteristics of a bin are also influenced by the ambience and aesthetics of its surroundings. Shardul Nautiyal interacts with a few of the suppliers to know all about bins. Read More »

Malegaon deserves the status of an industrial township

Malegaon as a city lacks basic infrastructure for collecting and disposing of solid waste without adequate underground sewage system. The city ranks 13th in generating MSW in the country and has the distinction of accommodating Asia’s biggest plastic recycling industry, ... Read More »

Cleaning BRUSHES are critical too

The quality and strength of cleaning brushes differ in different applications. If there are strong bristle brushes for hard surface cleaning, there are softer, bigger and smaller ones for other applications. In fact, there are several brushes for one particular application. It is said there are over 1000 brushes for cleaning alone! How can one ascertain which brush is for which cleaning? Shardul Nautiyal asks the experts. Read More »

“Waste should be considered as a resource”

Mysore City Corporation (MCC) comprises 65 wards divided in nine zones. Around 400 tonnes of municipal waste is generated daily in the city of which about half is used to produce manure. The rest is handled by Zero Waste Management ... Read More »

Belgaum City Corporation; Towards creating wealth out of waste

With a total road length of 758km, 58 wards and a population of about five lakhs, Belgaum is the biggest district in Karnataka. By virtue of having some good tourist spots like Gokak falls, Veer Soudh and Belgaum fort, the city has a large floating population. Municipal Commissioner Priyanka Francis talks about the various programmes adopted towards effective management of waste in the city. Read More »

Cleaning technologies in electronics industry

High precision and uninterrupted performance of modern electronics demands maintenance and servicing. The use of lubricants, specialty products and cleaning technologies extends the life of the Electronics equipment and smoothens their functioning. Clean India Journal find out more on the cleaning technologies from the electronics industry players… Read More »

Tirupur Towards replicating a Green Town concept

Known as the Textile city and located in the Coimbatore district, Tirupur is one of the most important industrial centers of Tamil Nadu. Hindered by shortage of manpower for cleaning and sanitation works, Tirupur Municipal Commissioner KR Selvaraj is planning ... Read More »

Pharma Facility: Need for properly designed Cleaning Systems

Effective cleaning methods should be deployed within a pharma manufacturing facility to control potential carryover of product, impurities and cleaning agents into subsequent product. Clean India Journal delves upon the various technologies and procedures adopted by some of the leading drug manufacturers of India. Read More »

Processing of Food Ingredients Cleaning Deep, Cleaning Safe

Effective cleaning of equipment in the food processing industry reduces chances of food contamination during preparation, processing, storage and packaging. Food and environmental safety concerns coupled with high energy and water & waste treatment costs are motivating the pursuit for better cleaning and sanitizing systems. Viable alternatives for food processing industry today include dry steam deep cleaning, cold and heated pressure wash, dryers, dust collection and centralised vacuum system. Read More »

Professional cleaning yet to take off in Indian Bakeries

Though automation in production processes has evolved in the bakeries in terms of ovens and other sophisticated equipment, automation in cleaning is yet to take off. Inadequate infrastructure, high investment required for equipment & space, labour intensive processes and lack of awareness about FSSAI Act amongst the baker community are the main issues, reports Shardul Nautiyal. Read More »